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Finland National Platform


Ministry of the Interior
National platform for mitigating the damage of natural disasters (Kansallinen toimintaohjelma luonnononnettomuuksien vahinkojen rajoittamiseksi)
Date of Creation: 07 May 2010
Website: http://www.intermin.fi/intermin/home.nsf/pages/index_eng

Finnish national platform was started in the 7 May 2010. The platform was reorganized 23 September 2016. The number of organizations has risen from 16 to 21.

The executive group consists of high level officials and members from organizations as follows:
1. Ministry of the Interior
2. Ministry for Foreign Affairs
3. Prime Minister’s Office
4. Ministry of Finance
5. Ministry of Defence
6. Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
7. Ministry of the Environment
8. Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
9. Ministry of Transport and Communications
10. Secretariat of the Security Committee (TK)
11. National Emergency Supply Agency
12. Finnish Transport Agency
13. Finnish Transport Safety Agency
14. Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK)
15. Finnish Meteorological Institute
16. Finnish Environment Institute
17. The Federation of Finnish Financial Services (Finance Finland, FFI)
18. Finnish Red Cross
19. The Finnish National Rescue Association SPEK
20. The Finnish Association of Fire Officers
21. National Board of Antiquities

In the preparation group there are experts from the same organizations as above except Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities and Ministry of the Environment.
The Finnish national platform has no separate funding and the costs are covered by the participating organizations.
• Finnish national platform is aiming at improving the preparedness of the society and reduce the damage caused by possible natural disasters
• Another goal of Finnish national platform is also to pull together different actors and utilize the work that already has been done and coordinate better the work that is going to be done as far as natural disasters are concerned
• Finnish national platform also aims at developing cooperation with EU and neighbouring countries and support developing countries to build more risk resilient societies.

The new network has had three meetings. It has been agreed that a new national strategy for disaster risk reduction is going to be prepared connecting the work to Climate Change Adaptation work as well as work done in Sustainable Development Goals by 2020. Another goal is to develop practices how indicators of the Sendai targets could be reported as reliable as possible.

National Platform Focal Point

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Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030

Documents, tools and processes

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