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Earlier this year, a first logistics training was organised between the Tokelau National Disaster Management Unit and Samoa Red Cross. The training brought together committees, government and community members to learn more about the role of logistics in emergency preparedness and response.
Inter-Agency Standing Committee
New Zealand is working on a weather station to help the island state of Tokelau build its knowledge of and resilience to climate change by having better access to forecasts and record changes. Reliable information on the localised impact of climate change will allow Tokelau to evaluate risks and prioritise work to mitigate them.
New Zealand - government
An international initiative to improve early warning systems against extreme weather and support climate change adaptation is gaining momentum to protect more people in more places. Financing has been extended to cover the Caribbean and West African regions. The initiative is improving early warning systems to protect the most vulnerable populations in LDCs and SIDS.
World Meteorological Organization

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