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Nepalis wait as engineers remove a boulder fallen on the road due to a landslide
Researchers at NASA GSFC have been using a multiscale approach to map and forecast landslides at the local, regional, and global levels. The model provides a near-real-time overview of landslide hazards worldwide.
International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development
This Nepal country briefing explains why events including monsoon floods, droughts, landslides, and earthquakes force thousands of people to leave their homes each year and shows how stronger data can support prevention and preparedness.
Asian Development Bank
This compendium showcases Nature-based Solutions implemented in urban areas in India, Bangladesh, and Nepal.
Climate and Development Knowledge Network

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Cover of Nepals L&D framework
This national framework on L&D is of relevance to both understand as well as contextualize L&D in the Nepali context. It provides further understanding of the relevant approaches, methodology, and tools to assess risks of climate change impacts.
Nepal - government
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This paper is a summary for policymakers of the National Adaption Plan (NAP) 2021-2050 for Nepal. Climate change threatens to undermine the historical socioeconomic achievements of Nepal.
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Nepal is at high risk of natural and non-natural disasters. It continues to face the brunt of hazards resulting from rugged topographical conditions, hydro-meteorological activities and climate change as well as disasters attributable to virus, insect

World Bank, the

Risk and governance profile(s)

The report documents recent disastrous events which caused massive loss of lives and properties in Nepal.
Nepal - government
WFP and partners have undertaken an analysis of climate risks in Nepal and recommended programmes to address identified risks.
World Food Programme