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This manual was developed for the Nepal Safer Schools Project (NSSP), which will increase the safety of vulnerable schools infrastructure in Nepal, increasing protection for tens-of-thousands of children and building resilience throughout their communities.
National Society for Earthquake Technology - Nepal Arup International Development Save the Children International Crown Agents
Two women walking down a plath carrying baskets, in Nepal
SEI researchers reflect on the role of international cooperation, the challenges faced in the Covid-19 pandemic context and what can be done to ensure developing countries are supported effectively to reduce vulnerability and build resilience.
Stockholm Environment Institute
Kathmandu main square flooded with water after heavy monsoon rain (2012)
This joint initiative aims to enhance the capacities of vulnerable groups and communities in three countries to cope with disasters by increasing their access to early warning messages and strengthening their ability to act on them.
United Nations Development Programme - Asia-Pacific Regional Centre

DRR Community in Nepal


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