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Macau’s economy is expected to expand by 15.5% in 2022, with a faster rate expected in 2023. Public investments and prevention plans should be increased to deal with the impact of climate change, according to an IMF report.
South China Morning Post
The effective steps taken by the authorities in Hong Kong, Macau and on the mainland to prepare for the Typhoon Mangkhut, including inter-governmental efforts, helped avert a repeat of last summer’s Typhoon Hato tragedy. Thanks to authorities' preparedness and education of citizens on how they should protect themselves, fatalities were completely avoided.
South China Morning Post
Using computer-simulated tsunamis at current sea levels and with sea-level rises of 1.5 and 3 feet, new research has found that as sea levels rise due to climate change, so do the global hazards and potential devastating damages from tsunamis. Smaller tsunamis in the future can therefore have the same adverse impacts as big tsunamis would today.
Virginia Tech

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