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Some Japanese scientists are shifting their focus toward passing on that knowledge to the rest of the disaster-prone Pacific Rim in order to help ensure that other nations are adequately prepared in the event of their own 3/11.
Japan Times Ltd., the
Snow falling down on Tokyo, Japan.
The country is set to experience more frequent and heavier snowstorms, and as the death toll rises, it becomes clear that its snow adaptation tactics must change.
Wednesday marked 10 years since Tokyo police launched a Twitter account to post information on simple measures related to disasters that can be implemented in daily life.
Japan Times Ltd., the

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The White Paper on Disaster Management 2018 has a special feature with a title of “Threats of Meteorological Hazards - Focusing on the Northern Kyushu Torrential Rain,” which covers loss and damage caused by the July 2017 Northern Kyushu Torrential Rain

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The White Paper on Disaster Management in Japan 2017 provides an overview of current disaster management measures in Japan, including for natural hazards and nuclear disasters. It also looks at recent progress on disaster measures and policy initiatives

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The White Paper on Disaster Management in Japan 2016 provides an update on the status of disaster management measures in Japan, including for natural hazards and nuclear disasters. It looks at the state of measures and policy initiatives with a particular

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Cover- Japan VNR MTR
Japan's Voluntary National Report for the Midterm Review of the Implementation of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030 (MTR SF).
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This G20 Climate Risk Atlas factsheets sheds light on the risks faced by Japan. The G20 Climate Risk Atlas is the contribution of the CMCC Foundation – Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change to ensure attentive and well-informed climate action
Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici