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This report assesses the social and economic effects of extreme heat through the prism of twelve cities that are already enduring and addressing dramatic impacts of heat waves.
Adrienne Arsht-Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center
Case Studies on Institutional Arrangements for Recovery
These case studies describe institutional structures, legal frameworks, and management lessons gleaned from practical experience, providing recovery leaders with insights suited to their context, disaster scenarios, and institutional landscapes.
United Nations Development Programme - Headquarters Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery - UNDP
Unprecedented drought makes water a national security issue as more than half of Chile’s 19 million population lived in area with ‘severe water scarcity’ by end of 2021.
Guardian, the (UK)

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La presente Política Nacional para la Reducción del Riesgo obedece a los compromisos internacionales adquiridos por el Estado de Chile y la necesidad de establecer los lineamientos que fortalezcan la Gestión Riesgo de Desastres en el país al año 2030

Oficina Nacional de Emergencia

A partir del año 2012, la Oficina Nacional de Emergencia del Ministerio del Interior y Seguridad Pública, ONEMI, coordina la Mesa de Trabajo Gestión del Riesgo y Género, con la finalidad de promover un espacio de reflexión y coordinación

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The national plan for adapting to climate change is constituted as the articulating instrument of Chilean public policy of adaptation to climate change, whose mission has been defined as:

To strengthen Chile's capacity to adapt to climate change by

Chile - government

Risk and governance profile(s)


This climate risk profile is intended to serve as a public good to facilitate upstream country diagnostics, policy dialogue, and strategic planning by providing comprehensive overviews of trends and projected changes in key climate parameters, sector

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The preparation of this National Progress Report has been undertaken within the framework of the biennial 2011-13 HFA Monitoring and Progress Review process, facilitated by UNISDR and ISDR System partners.
Oficina Nacional de Emergencia