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This research investigates the links between environmental and climate change and migration in the Sahel, with a specific focus on Mali and Sudan.
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Thunderstorm over fields in South Africa.
One of MIT’s five Climate Grand Challenges flagship projects, the Jameel Observatory-CREWSnet project will pilot in Bangladesh and Sudan to help communities adapt to the impacts of climate change.
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Rising heat and overfishing spell trouble for food security as Sudanese fishermen complain of falling stocks and government inaction.

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Sendai Focal Point: National Council of Civil Defence

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This NAP aims to provide a strategic plan as well as a platform for policy dialogue around adaptation to climate. Its goals are threefold. First it seeks to build capacity among Sudanese institutions in order to promote the development of climate change

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Sudan's Voluntary National Report for the Midterm Review of the Implementation of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030 (MTR SF).
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The purpose of this study was to review selected National Adaptation Plans to better understand how disaster risk management is approached in climate change documents, and if systemic risk issues where impacts cascade across sectors are considered.
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