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This paper explains how best to equip social protection programmes to help communities better absorb the effects of climate risks, adapt to climate impacts and transform their capacities to address growing climate stresses.
International Institute for Environment and Development
The COP27 climate summit kicked off this week in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. As parties to the climate change treaty gather to review annual progress on reducing carbon emissions, one key issue is the impact the climate crisis is having on poorer countries.
IMPACT Initiatives
This report explores the association between climate anomalies, population dynamics, conflict and organised violence in Sudan and South Sudan, at the sub-national level and for the years 1989-2015.
European Commission Joint Research Centre

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This document, South Sudan’s first NAP for climate change, is a landmark achievement in the country’s response to climate change. The first NAP represents a milestone in establishing a coordinated approach to building adaptive capacity and resilience.
United Nations Development Programme - Headquarters

This Strategic Plan for 2018-2020 was developed by the South Sudan Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management (MHADM) to outline strategic goals and priority areas for the Ministry in relation to disaster preparedness, management systems

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