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This brief provides findings from a study about involved UN actors’ perceptions of this early action intervention. It contributes evidence on implementing early action in complex environments, including for displaced people, and in the face of crises.
Tufts University
An illustration of a child carry water through an area affected by drought to their homes in canisters.
Since October 2020 large parts of Eastern Africa have been experiencing extended dry conditions punctuated by short intense rainfall events that often led to flash floods.
World Weather Attribution
With its coastal forests, sugarcane farms and sweeping beaches, South Africa’s Durban might appear to be an ideal “spongy” city — one capable of absorbing water, which can be useful in combatting both flood disasters and drought.
Japan Times Ltd., the

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This image shows the coverage of the paper portraying a group of African women.
This document, South Sudan’s first NAP for climate change, is a landmark achievement in the country’s response to climate change. The first NAP represents a milestone in establishing a coordinated approach to building adaptive capacity and resilience.
United Nations Development Programme - Headquarters

This Strategic Plan for 2018-2020 was developed by the South Sudan Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management (MHADM) to outline strategic goals and priority areas for the Ministry in relation to disaster preparedness, management systems

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