Poverty and disaster risk reduction


Poverty is both a risk driver and consequence of disasters. These resources explore the nexus between poverty and disasters, as well as efforts to reduce disaster risks for vulnerable populations.

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The recommendations provided in this report offer a basis for the Asian Development Bank to scale up extreme heat-related adaptation support in urban areas of Asia and the Pacific.
Asian Development Bank
A man overlooks a wildfire visible from San Francisco under a hazy sky turned orange
Study finds lower-income homeowners are at higher risk of wildfire, canceled homeowners insurance.
University of Georgia
Labourers on construction sites are falling sick due to extreme heat - but when they can't work, they lose income, which makes it hard to afford enough to eat
Thomson Reuters
Jacobabad in Pakistan's arid Sindh province is in the grip of the latest heatwave to hit South Asia -– peaking at 51 degrees Celsius (124 Fahrenheit) at the weekend.
PhysOrg, Omicron Technology Ltd
We’ve learnt “climate-readiness” cannot be done in a piecemeal way or achieved in the background of everyday life, like set-and-forget technologies.
Conversation Media Group, the
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This policy insight explains why delayed action on climate change will be profoundly damaging for poverty reduction efforts, and how the international community can create a sustainable, resilient, inclusive approach to development and poverty reduction.
Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment