Poverty and disaster risk reduction


Poverty is both a risk driver and consequence of disasters. These resources explore the nexus between poverty and disasters, as well as efforts to reduce disaster risks for vulnerable populations.


This brief focuses on the impacts of disasters on poverty and inclusion in Sierra Leone. In Sierra Leone, a large part of the population has been chronically food insecure, at least since the Ebola virus disease epidemic in 2014. Rapid onset events such

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Kimberly White Smalls needed her coastal home rebuilt, but like other Black residents of New York’s Far Rockaway neighborhood, she was moved instead.
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Critics say companies are failing to develop adequate emergency procedures to protect construction workers on hydropower plants in the Himalayas.
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Mapping of informal settlements is key to protecting residents from worsening climate change impacts with as little disruption as possible, urban experts say
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This report discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic has uncovered and intensified existing societal inequalities. People on the move and residents of urban slums and informal settlements are among some of the most affected groups in the Global South. Given

If failed rains compromise the vegetation that keeps their animals alive, a family may have to choose between either selling off animals or skipping meals.
University of California, Davis