Kerala floods 2018


In August 2018, severe floods affected Kerala, a south Indian state, following unusually heavy rainfall during the monsoon season.


Between June 1, 2018 and August 19, 2018, Kerala received heavy rainfall, more than three-fourths of the average annual rainfall, and 42 per cent above normal expected during this period. The heavy downpour soaked almost the entire state and the

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New research shows that the floods which affected Kerala in 2018 left dams and reservoirs prone to earthquakes due to a phenomenon called reservoir-induced seismicity.
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Between June 1 and August 19, 2018, the state of Kerala went through the worst ever floods in the state's history since 1924. One sixth of the population — about 5.4 million Keralites — were affected. Following the disaster, the Government of Kerala felt

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A new report posits that the recent floods in Kerala have exposed the failure of the state government in alerting local bodies about the impending disaster. Even though there were warnings and data that a major flood event would occur, the state government did not take precautions to mitigate losses.
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In August 2018, the state of Kerala in India was hit by severe flash floods, which carried heavy human and economic consequences. Flash floods are a particular type of flood disasters, characterized by their rapid onset and potential for infrastructure

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The report formulates recommendations to make Kerala the first green state in India with an eco-sensitive and risk-informed approach. The report also gives several high-ticket innovations and global examples to build back better (BBB) Kerala.
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