Artificial intelligence for disaster risk reduction


From early warning systems to evacuation models, artificial intelligence is behind a number of promising innovations for disaster risk reduction.

Cloudburst over green fields.
The forecasting system we developed is essentially an intelligent computer program that can predict whether it will rain, how intense that rain will be and how long it will last at any location with greater than 90% accuracy at least 96 hours in advance.
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The research attempted to provide a fast and preliminary approach for elements-at-risk mapping by developing a semi-automated detection and characterisation method.
Natural Hazards (Springer)
This study proposes a framework for a IoT-based local landslide early warning system (Lo-LEWS). Monitoring, modelling, forecasting and warning represent the main phases of the proposed framework.
Natural Hazards (Springer)
Continuing drought brings food insecurity and a risk for emerging or ongoing conflict in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia, as well as Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan, according to a new quarterly update that analyses finds from a global early warning tool.
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Office - IHE DELFT Institute for Water Education
Climate Alpha is a new platform that uses algorithms to determine how cities will transform in the face of climate change.
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A firefighter surveys wildfire damage in Queensland, Australia
A machine learning model can evaluate the effectiveness of different management strategies.
Aalto University