SE41: Charting Global Agenda for Water-Related Disaster Risk Reduction

  • ID: SE41
  • Date & Time: Friday 19 June (13:00 - 15:00)
  • Room: 5
  • Participation: Open
  • Organizer: ICHARM / IFI
  • Focal Point: kuni.t (at)


This event aims to catalyze a global agenda toward water-related disaster risk reduction. The main objective of the event is to identify follow-up actions for risk reduction based on the “Water and Disaster” report published by the High-Level Expert Panel on Water and Disaster/UNSGAB. The proposed event will be held to crystallize a list of actions to implement the following six urgent imperatives in order to reduce water-related disaster risk:
- Galvanize and mobilize before disaster strikes
- Prioritize systems to forecast, inform, alert and evacuate
- Incorporate disaster risk reduction and climate change adaption as integral to development planning
- Improve disaster response
- Provide safe water and toilets quickly when disaster strikes
- Implement special crosscutting initiatives

Expected Outcomes

The results of this special event will greatly contribute to the implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action, as water-related disasters have been a major cause of economic damages and death tolls in recent years. It will also promote awareness of water-related disasters and will introduce a list of actions for water-related disaster risk reduction at local, national, regional, and global levels suggested by UNSGAB/HELP in “Water and Disaster” report. The vent will help to promote implementation of the listed actions and will discuss how these actions can be carried out by designated organizations. Moreover, this event will contribute to developing a Side Publication on Water and Disaster Risk with IFI members including UN/ISDR.

Background Papers

> Charting Global Agenda for Water-related Disaster Risk Reduction [PDF, 16.26 Kb]

> Short description and final agenda [PDF, 325.81 Kb]

> Statement by Ambassador of Japan in Geneva- Mr. Shinichi KITAJIMA [PDF, 32.36 Kb]


> "Water and Disaster" report introduction and IFI Commitments [PDF, 761.05 Kb]

> WMO_Commitments and Action undertaken under the UNSGAB Water and Disaster Action Plan [PDF, 572.61 Kb]

> ESCAP-Regional cooperation in the management of water-related disasters in Asia and the Pacific [PDF, 457.12 Kb]

> UNU activities-Follow-up of the HELP/UNSGAB Action Plan [PDF, 389.66 Kb]

> ICHARM- Local owenership of the early warning system and flood disaster preparedness [PDF, 6.21 Mb]

> World Water Development Report III, Side Publication on Water-related Disaster Risks - turning risk into opportunities [PDF, 380.93 Kb]


Note: this is an interim report pending publication of the Conference Proceedings from the 2009 Global Platform.

> Report from SE41 [PDF, 168.48 Kb]

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Last updated: 04 December 2020