SE38: Global Assessment Report - Preview Global Risk Data Platform

  • ID: SE38
  • Date & Time: Friday 19 June (08:00 - 09:30)
  • Room: 5
  • Participation: Open
  • Organizer: UNISDR
  • Focal Point: peduzzi (at)


This event is intended for people interested in data on hazards, exposure, vulnerability and risk. PREVIEW Global Risk Data Platform allows users to (freely) visualise, download or extract data on past hazardous events, human & economical hazard exposure and risk from natural hazards. It covers nine types of natural hazard. Supported by UNEP, UNDP/BCPR (GRIP), UN/ISDR and World Bank. It is fully compliant with the OGC Web Services (OWS) and interoperable with services like GEOSS, UNSPIDER, or Google Earth. The event will present how the datasets were generated, provide a brief demonstration of the different functionalities and reply to questions, including through live practical exercises.

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Last updated: 04 December 2020