SE30: Harmonizing Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction

  • ID: SE30
  • Date & Time: Thursday 18 June (13:30 - 15:00)
  • Room: 13
  • Participation: Open
  • Organizer: Harbin Alliance, Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre (ADPC),
    Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Center, IAP
  • Focal Point: walter.ammann (at), ajrego (at), arghya (at)


Disaster and all types of risk reduction share a common space of concern with climate change through the actions of both disaster and risk reduction and climate change adaptation: in their respective efforts of reducing the vulnerability of communities and achieving sustainable development. There is an urgent need to coordinate climate change adaptation with relevant natural disaster risk reduction measures and to integrate these considerations in a comprehensive manner into development plans and poverty eradication programmes. The event will address international policy deliberations and local best practices to assist governments and other parties to reduce climate-related vulnerabilities and risk, in line with the Hyogo Framework for Action.

Background Papers


> Introduction [PDF, 57.18 Kb]

> Evidence-based climate risk management [PPT, 202.50 Kb]


Note: this is an interim report pending publication of the Conference Proceedings from the 2009 Global Platform.

> Report from SE30 [PDF, 14.75 Kb]

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Last updated: 04 December 2020