SE20: The Help Desk for Integrated Flood Management Programme

  • ID: SE20
  • Date & Time: Wednesday 17 June (13:00 - 15:00)
  • Room: 15
  • Participation: Open
  • Organizer: WMO
  • Focal Point: MGolnaraghi (at)


With strong climate change impacts expected in the water cycle, flood and drought management strategies become a central element of adaptation strategies. Hyogo Framework for Action highlights the importance of integrated flood management approaches in incorporating the underlying risk factors of flood prone communities into natural resources and environmental management strategies. WMO and some 20 partner organizations from Governments, Academia, International Bodies, etc, are now launching the HelpDesk for Integrated Flood Management to assist countries in implementing an integrated approach to flood management on the ground. The side event will provide the central launching platform for the HelpDesk.

Expected Outcomes

Availability of a HelpDesk facility (on the platform of WMO and backed by a strong decentralized network of partners) in support of countries that want to implement an integrated approach to flood management. The approach aims at minimizing the losses of life from flooding and managing flood risk through efficiently using floodplains in support of broader development objectives. Through the HelpDesk guidance would be available on flood management policy, strategy and institutional development related to flood issues.

Background Papers

> Launch of the HelpDesk for Integrated Flood Management [DOC, 33.00 Kb]



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Last updated: 04 December 2020