Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction 2011
Revealing Risk, Redefining Development
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HFA Progress Reports

In reviewing their progress against the objective and goals of the Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA), regional entities and national governments report major progress, particularly in strengthening disaster management and the institutional, legislative arrangements and mechanisms that underpin it.

Below are the inputs of this process sent as contributions to the GAR 2011, including: status of the self-assessment by country or region, and links to corresponding interim HFA Reports when it was available and the respective government or regional entity agreed to publicly share it.

Find the latest versions of the HFA Progress Reports on PreventionWeb.


Africa Americas Asia Europe Oceania

Country and link to report (when available) Status
Algeria Completed
Botswana Completed
Burkina Faso Completed
Burundi Completed
Cape Verde On-going
Central African Republic On-going
Comoros Completed
Congo, Rep of the On-going
Côte d'Ivoire Completed
Egypt Completed
Ghana Completed
Guinea-Bissau On-going
Kenya On-going
Lesotho Completed
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya On-going
Madagascar Completed
Malawi Completed
Mauritania On-going
Mauritius Completed
Morocco Completed
Mozambique On-going
Namibia Completed
Nigeria Completed
Senegal Completed
Seychelles Completed
Sierra Leone Completed
Somalia On-going
South Africa On-going
Swaziland On-going
Tanzania, United Rep of Completed
Togo Completed
Tunisia On-going
Uganda On-going
Zambia Completed
Zimbabwe On-going

Country Status
Anguilla Completed
Antigua and Barbuda Completed
Argentina Completed
Barbados Completed
Bolivia Completed
Brazil Completed
British Virgin Islands Completed
Canada Completed
Cayman Islands Completed
Chile Completed
Colombia Completed
Costa Rica Completed
Cuba Completed
Dominican Republic Completed
Ecuador Completed
El Salvador Completed
Guatemala Completed
Honduras Completed
Jamaica Completed
Mexico Completed
Nicaragua Completed
Panama Completed
Paraguay Completed
Peru Completed
Saint Kitts and Nevis Completed
Saint Lucia Completed
Turks and Caicos Islands Completed
United States of America Completed
Uruguay Completed
Venezuela, Bolivarian Rep of On-going
CDEMA - Regional progress report Completed
CEPREDENAC - Regional progress report Completed

ASIA top
Country Status
Bahrain Completed
Bangladesh On-going
Bhutan Completed
Brunei Darussalam On-going
Cambodia On-going
China Completed
Georgia Completed
India Completed
Indonesia Completed
Iraq On-going
Japan On-going
Jordan On-going
Kazakhstan On-going
Korea, Rep of On-going
Kyrgyzstan Completed
Lao People's Democratic Republic Completed
Lebanon Completed
Malaysia On-going
Maldives Completed
Mongolia On-going
Myanmar Completed
Nepal Completed
Pakistan On-going
Palestinian Occupied Territory Completed
Philippines On-going
Qatar On-going
Singapore On-going
Sri Lanka Completed
Syrian Arab Republic Completed
Tajikistan On-going
Thailand On-going
Timor-Leste Completed
Uzbekistan On-going
Viet Nam Completed
Yemen Completed

Country Status
Albania On-going
Andorra On-going
Armenia Completed
Bulgaria On-going
Croatia Completed
Czech Republic Completed
Denmark On-going
Finland Completed
France Completed
Germany Completed
Italy On-going
Moldova Completed
Monaco Completed
Montenegro On-going
Norway Completed
Poland Completed
Portugal Completed
Romania Completed
Serbia On-going
Slovakia On-going
Slovenia On-going
Sweden Completed
Switzerland Completed
The former Yugoslav Rep. of Macedonia On-going
Turkey Completed
United Kingdom On-going

Country Status
Australia Completed
Cook Islands On-going
Fiji On-going
Marshall Islands On-going
New Zealand Completed
Solomon Islands Completed
Vanuatu On-going
GAR 11 Background documents

GAR11GAR 2011 Contributing Papers

No GAR 11 Contributing Papers
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