IGNITE Stage: Making cities resilient, the Malaysian experience

  • Time and Date: Thursday 12 May (17:15 - 17:30)
  • Speaker(s): Omairi Hashim & Khairul Zain Ismail


Malaysia is no exception in undertaking efforts and respond to the calls for action in making its cities more resilient to disaster risks. Cities in the country have been facing with incidences of urban disaster like flash floods and landslides. various reasons contribute to this including disturbances to the natural environment or ecosystem while pursuing development to meet the demands of rapid urbanization. Realizing what disasters and impacts of climate change can do to the livelihood of its citizens, the Government of Malaysia through its various Ministries, Departments and Local Authorities had drawn up local adaptation and mitigation policies and measures to be implemented to reduce disaster risks. This also involves the necessary changes in its core business so as to make its people and settlements prepared and more resilient.


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Last updated: 04 December 2020