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WCSDA President Dong Yanzhang Delivers a Speech at the Third Session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction and World Reconstruction Conference 2011-05-30 - PRNewswire-Asia
UN names Chengdu 'Role Model for Resilient Development' 2011-05-30 - The China Daily
Challenges for climate risk reduction remain formidable: GAR 2011-05-30 - United News of Bangladesh
Taking Disaster Seriously 2011-05-28 - Amrita University
At the Global Platform, young people launch 'Children’s Charter' for disaster risk reduction 2011-05-27 - Children in a Changing Climate
Time to bridge the gap between emergencies and development 2011-05-27 - Act Alliance
More emphasis needed for disaster risk reduction 2011-05-27 - Vanuatu Daily Post
Modernize military reserve force, lawmaker urges 2011-05-26 - Sun Star Manila
Pacific Islanders make their case in Geneva 2011-05-26 - SOPAC
Kokusai Kogyo Group takes part in Third Session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction as Private Sector delegate amid international attention on Japan’s disaster preparedness and response 2011-05-24 - Kokusai Kogyo Group
Solon calls for cohesive global policies to reduce disaster 2011-05-23 - The Daily Tribune
Gender and Disaster Network lobby at United Nations 2011-05-23 - North Umbria University
In Geneva, young people launch 'Children’s Charter' for staying safe in disasters 2011-05-23 - UNICEF
Cohesive disaster risk management policy needed to ensure sustainable development 2011-05-23 - House of Representatives of the Philippines
Leading the world on disaster risk reduction 2011-05-20 - RMIT University
Letting Nature Protect Us From Disaster 2011-05-20 - Treehugger
District of North Van wins prestigious UN award 2011-05-18 - Northshore Outlook
Rethinking Reconstruction for a Safer Future 2011-05-18 - The World Bank
Camotes Island wins 2011 UN Sasakawa Award for Disaster Risk Reduction 2011-05-18 - Department of Foreign Affairs, Philippines
Call for action on natural hazards and nuclear safety 2011-05-16 - Talking Business Continuity
Third Session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction and the World Reconstruction Conference 2011-05-16 - ADRC
Geneva’s international buzz louder than usual 2011-05-16 - Geneva Lunch
Disaster risk reduction platform concludes with 14-point commitment 2011-05-15 - Republica
We must learn to reduce risk - UN 2011-05-15 - New Europe
Protect schools from disaster, PHL students tell world 2011-05-15 - GMA News
Purok system shows way in global disaster preparedness 2011-05-15 - GMA News
First Ever World Reconstruction Conference Commits to Concrete Steps for an International Framework 2011-05-14 - Financial
ERRA receives UN Sasakawa Award 2011-05-14 - Associated Press of Pakistan
Geneva meeting calls for DRR efforts 2011-05-14 - The Jakarta Post
Geohazards - Newswatch 2011-05-14 - Geology for Global Development
UN body suggests mechanism to adapt to climate change 2011-05-13 - The Times of India
Civil Defence Minister Meets UN Secretary-General 2011-05-13 - Scoop Independent News
Muslim Aid calls for innovative strategies for disaster risk reduction 2011-05-13 - The Muslim News
People affected by disasters speak to the UN 2011-05-13 - ActionAid
Participants at UN disaster risk meeting pledge to improve preparedness 2011-05-13 - UN News Centre
T&T participates in the Third Session of Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction 2011-05-13 - Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
Integration is good, climate-smart integration is better 2011-05-13 - Institute of Develpment Studies
Iniciativas locais de redução de risco de desastres premiadas 2011-05-13 - Ecopolitica
Speech by Andre 15yr Old from the Philippines at the Closing Ceremony of the #gpdrr2011 Global Platform 2011-05-13 - Planyouth
Speech by 14 year old Trisha, from the Philippines at the #gpdrr2011 #UN ISDR Global Platform 2011-05-13 - Planyouth
How youth delegates are promoting disaster reduction at the Global Platform conference in Geneva 2011-05-13 - UNICEF
Statement by Mr. Pema L. Dorji, Director, SAARC Secretariat, on behalf of H.E. Uz. Fathimath Dhiyana Saeed, Secretary General of SAARC at the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction 2011-05-13 - SAARC
ways forward after Global Platform in Disaster Risk Reduction 2011-05-12 - Blog - OASE in Disasters
China's first collection of natural disaster risk maps released 2011-05-12 - People's Daily Onlin
Disaster risk reduction should be top priority for all governments - UN 2011-05-12 - The Jordan Times
Indonesia forging ties with global community 2011-05-12 - The Jakarta Post
No immunity to disasters 2011-05-12 -
Plan's position statement at the Global Platform for Disaster Reduction 2011 2011-05-12 - Plan
Phl Joins 3rd Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction in Geneva 2011-05-12 - Republic of the Philippines - Department of Foreign Affairs
Three cities win UN-backed award for innovation in disaster risk reduction 2011-05-12 - UN News Centre
Japanese village owes its tsunami survival to late mayor's resolve to build huge floodgate 2011-05-12 - AP
Children Take Disaster Risk Reduction Into Their Own Hands 2011-05-12 - VOA News
Reduce the risk of disasters now to reduce long term costs 2011-05-12 - ActionAid
High Level Taskforce Calls for Establishment of Global System for Climate Services 2011-05-12 - IISD Climate Change Policy and Practice
WFP At The Global Platform For Disaster Risk Reduction 2011-05-12 - World Food Programme
Measures at the Local Level at the Center of German Disaster Risk Reduction Policy 2011-05-12 - German Permanent Mission in Geneva
Integrating disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation at the local level 2011-05-12 - Practical Action
Roundtable Discussion on Making Disaster Risk Reduction Gender Sensitive 2011-05-12 - IUCN
National drought policies wanted 2011-05-11 - IRIN News
UN calls for quicker responses to reduce impacts of disasters 2011-05-11 - The Jakarta Post
UN chief Ban Ki-moon says the cost of natural disasters is soaring, creating a real economic threat 2011-05-11 - The Australian
At a Disaster Risk Reduction conference in Geneva – but where’s the debate? 2011-05-11 - ActionAid
Community gives President Yudhoyono UN award 2011-05-11 - Organization of Asia-Pacific News Agencies
Plan seeks better disaster coping 2011-05-11 -
Dacic: Serbia example of good regulations for disaster risk reduction 2011-05-11 -
UN eyes nation's disaster readiness 2011-05-11 - Vietnam News
Fukushima tops agenda in UN disaster meet 2011-05-11 - RSJ, GMA News
Yudhoyono to receive UN award for disaster management 2011-05-11 - The Jakarta Post
مصر تشارك في مؤتمر الحد من مخاطر الكوارث ب 2011-05-11 - al-ahram
President dedicates UN Award to Indonesian people 2011-05-11 - Antara News
UN to hold N-security summit in New York in Sept 2011-05-11 - The Times of India
Indonesia Berpengalaman Tangani Bencana 2011-05-11 - GATRA
Custo das catástrofes naturais explode 2011-05-11 - Swiss Info
UN report hails NREGA, urges other nations to emulate feat 2011-05-11 - The Times of India
UNEP joins calls for greater investment to reduce risk of disasters 2011-05-11 - UNEP
UN chief stresses preparedness as key to disaster risk reduction 2011-05-11 - Xinhua
Call for Partnerships to Build Resilient Local Communities at the UNISDR Global Platform on DRR 2011-05-11 - Huairou Commission
Statement of H.E Ross Sovann at 3rd Global Platform for DRR 2011-05-11 - National Committee for Disaster Management
Disaster Risk Reduction- Lessons to be learnt from evaluations 2011-05-11 - ALNAP
Maldives Updates UN on Disaster Management Policies 2011-05-11 - Permanent Mission of the Republic of Maldives to the United Nations Office at Geneva
UN disaster reduction: Is it keeping the customers satisfied? 2011-05-10 - Poverty Matters Blog
Angola at meeting on Disaster Risk Reduction 2011-05-10 - Agencia Angola Press
Earthquake deaths increasing worldwide - UN report 2011-05-10 - Reuters
Economic losses from disasters rising, U.N. warns 2011-05-10 - Reuters Africa
As risks from disasters rise, UN chief calls for better preparedness 2011-05-10 - UN News Centre
Economic risks of disasters soar over $1.5 trillion: UN Read more: 2011-05-10 - The Montreal Gazette
Chances Of Dying In Natural Disaster Decreasing, Economic Costs Increasing Worldwide, U.N. Report Says 2011-05-10 - Kaiser Family Foundation
World Reconstruction Conference Starts to Recommend Disaster Recovery Global Policy 2011-05-10 - ABC Live
Podcast #39: The role of education in protecting children when disaster strikes 2011-05-10 - UNICEF
Economic losses from disasters on rise, U.N. warns 2011-05-10 - Reuters UK
Economic risks of disasters soar over US$1.5 trillion 2011-05-10 - Channel News Asia
UN report warns of spiralling disaster costs 2011-05-10 - Swiss Info
Global Disaster Conference Stresses Preparedness 2011-05-10 - VOA News
No country immune, UN chief warns as disaster risks grow 2011-05-10 - AFP
RICS co-hosts events at 2011 UN Global Platform for Disaster Reduction 2011-05-10 - RICS
Opening remarks at press conference to launch the 2011 Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction 2011-05-10 - UN News Centre
There is need to be prepared for disasters 2011-05-10 - UN Radio
Global Assessment Report Launched at Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction 2011-05-10 - Climate Change Policy & Practice
Managing disaster-related risk 2011-05-10 - OCHA
Le coût des désastres naturels prend l’ascenseur 2011-05-10 - Swiss Info
ジュネーブで世界復興会議、災害の経験を共有 2011-05-10 - Swiss Info
Major Global Conference Tackles Tough Issues of Post Disaster Reconstruction 2011-05-10 - The Financial
Young people take part in global disasters conference 2011-05-10 - Plan
Integrating disaster risk reduction management: the view from Geneva 2011-05-10 - CDKN - Climate and Development Knowledge Network
World seeks ways to curb disaster risk 2011-05-10 - The Jakarta Post
New report on children and disasters launched 2011-05-10 - Institute of Develpment Studies
Poverty and disasters reinforce each other manifold 2011-05-10 - CauseBecause Citizen Bureau
Launching of the 2011 ISDR Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction “Revealing Risk, Redefining Development” 2011-05-09 - UNU Institute for Sustainability and Peace
Global Platform 2011 - Developing a Global Hazard Database 2011-05-09 - Geology For Global Development
The Power of Preparedness - A story from Pakistan 2011-05-09 - Dealing with Disasters
Poverty causes disasters and disasters cause poverty 2011-05-09 - AlertNet
Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction 2011-05-09 - DARA
Making disaster response 'Climate Smart' 2011-05-09 - Institute of Develpment Studies
Third Session of Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction Starts in Geneva 2011-05-08 - Saudi Press Agency
Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction 2011-05-08 - Health Protection Agency
Risk reduction is vital - Prevention is cheaper than cure 2011-05-08 - New Europe
Health at the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction 2011-05-07 - WHO
GRF Davos @ the Global Platform for Disaster Reduction 2011 2011-05-07 - Global Risk Forum Davos
Global Platform 2011 - Introduction 2011-05-07 - Geology For Global Development
PBB Anugerahkan Global Champion for Disaster Reduction untuk SBY 2011-05-07 - Republika
Global disaster survey exposes gulf between local and national perceptions 2011-05-06 - ContingencyToday
UNITAR increases presence and role in 2011 Global Platform for Disaster Reduction 2011-05-06 - UNITAR
SCR at the Global Platform for disasters, Switzerland 2011-05-06 - Strengthening Climate Resilience
Young people take part in global disasters conference 2011-05-06 - Plan
Poverty causes disasters and disasters cause poverty 2011-05-06 - CARE
Early warning systems offer best hope for disaster prevention 2011-05-06 - Lloyd's
Concern Worldwide India launches DIPECHO supported project for Vulnerable Coastal Communities in Odisha 2011-05-05 - Orissa Diary
Nigerian, Adebayo, gets nomination for disaster risk reduction award 2011-05-05 - The Nigerian Daily
Switzerland hosts the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction 2011-05-05 - The Federal Authorities of the Swiss Confederation
Resilience Campaign on the UNISDR Global Platform 2011-05-05 - Women and Human Settlements: A Global Exchange Space
Early warning 'SOLUZION' system - launch at the Global Platform 2011-05-03 - SOLUZION Systems - Verus Vicis Soluzion Consortio LLP
Secretary-General to make official visit to Bulgaria, Turkey and Switzerland 2011-05-02 - UN News Centre
IUCN at the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction 2011-05-02 - IUCN
Global Innovation Competition Launched for Disaster Recovery and Reconstruction 2011-05-02 - The World Bank
Global Need For Disaster Preparedness 2011-05-02 - The Borgen Project
Many lessons learnt, says post-quake boss 2011-04-30 - The Press NZ
UN official underlines need for disaster preparedness to enhance resilience 2011-04-29 - UN News Centre
Ban Ki-Moon ouvrira une conférence sur la réduction des risques de désastres 2011-04-28 - AFP
Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC) is joining the Third Session of Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction 2011-04-28 - ADPC
The Value of Preparedness 2011-04-28 - Dealing with Disasters - Blog
California-Based Life Cube, Inc. to Introduce Unique 'Shelter-In-A-Cube' Humanitarian Aid Tool At United Nations Conference in Geneva, Switzerland 2011-04-20 - San Francisco Chronicle
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