Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction 2013
From Shared Risk to Shared Value: the Business Case for Disaster Risk Reduction

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The third edition of the United Nations Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction is a resource for understanding and analysing global disaster risk today and in the future.

You can download from this page the Main Report, chapter by chapter in English ; the Executive Summary ; the full set of Appendices ; all HFA Monitoring Country Reports (in their original language); and the set of contributing papers that constitute the substance which feeds the GAR.

The Report

English: Français: Spanish: Arabic: Russian:

The Gft (GAR for Tangible Earth), the free application.

The Pocket GAR

Press Kit

Annexes and Background Papers

Please download all supporting materials in the corresponding page, clicking HERE.

Hyogo Framework for Action Country Progress Reports

HFA progress reports assess national strategic priorities in the implementation of disaster risk reduction actions and establishes baselines on levels of progress achieved in implementing the HFA's five priorities for action.

Due to timing issues and editorial constraints, not all final contry reports are taken into account and those reviewed for the GAR 13 were sampled by the deadline date, May 1st, 2013; these can be reviewed in the GAR 13 online page at What has been done, Country Reports page

Since that date many other countries have completed their reports, and many other have updated and changed theirs, so the best way of obtaining all of them and the latest versions is to refer to the corresponding page in PreventionWeb.
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