IGNITE Stage: Building better shelter through community beneficiaries participation

  • Time and Date: Thursday 12 May (14:45 - 15:00)
  • Speaker(s): Budi A. Adiputro,
    Indonesian Red Cross Society


7.2 earthquake measuring on richter scale struck Mentawai Island in West Sumatra. This earthquake causing tsunami with 3 meter high. More than 15.000 peoples affected by this disaster. PMI did the response since the first day of disaster on 24 October 2011. PMI carried out first aid, evacuation, relief distribution, RFL and other activities to assist the beneficiaries. Beyond the response PMI in the first week already identify the needs of transitional shelter for beneficiaries. PMI erect 516 transitional shelter. The highlight of this presentation is the basic of the t-shelter activities which is the community participation. The beneficiaries are the main actor in this activity, therefore the shelter process become one of the activity that enhanced the ability of community to become more resilience because the beneficiaries are the center of the activity. Compare to another agency that also build t-shelter in Mentawai, the process and the output from PMI shelter project more better because the differences in project approach. Others agency did not involved the community aspart of the project. After the evaluation from Special Unit for President of Republic Indonesia on performance evaluation (UKP4R) on overall recovery activities in Mentawai the suggested all agency to replicate the approach than PMI did in shelter project in Mentawai.


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Last updated: 04 December 2020