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Developing a post-2015 HFA policy framework

This discussion paper is intended as a contribution towards the UNISDR‐coordinated consultation process to develop a post‐2015 DRR Framework for Action. The paper is primarily focused on the challenge of reducing disaster losses for low‐income households in developing countries where the majority of people affected by disasters are located and where the Global Network membership are active.

The central message underpinning this paper is that despite the undoubted progress achieved by the HFA, for a combination of fundamental and strategic reasons the current framework will not arrest or reverse disasters losses by 2015. Accordingly, building the resilience of nations and communities will not be achieved by designing HFA 2 as a more nuanced version of HFA 1. Radical changes are required in the way the post‐2015 framework is conceived, designed and executed to adequately represent experiences of vulnerable people and ensure full participation of all stakeholders in the process of building resilience to reduce risk to acceptable levels. If this happened the post‐2015 instrument could serve to forge consensus and inspire a truly global partnership for a resilient world.

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