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National human development report in the Russian Federation 2009: energy sector and sustainable development

This document focuses on the energy sector and sustainable development in the Russian Federation, and describes the correlation the sector and climate change. It calls for immediate actions for the prevention of and adaptation to climate change, to organize relevant financing and technologies, and for a state programme for preventative and adaptation measures in order to help indigenous and rural populations in northern regions to deal with anticipated climate change.

It describes the consequences of climate change in giving additional threats to the traditional environment of native populations, such as an increase of load and accident risk on high-voltage power-lines due to temperature fluctuations and increased frequency of dangerous weather phenomena, risks for operation of buildings and facilities due to soil movements in permafrost melting areas, and damage to coastal facilities and infrastructure caused by more intense storms and coastal erosion. It then describes the impact on a traditional way of life and natural resource use by indigenous peoples as well as the options for alternative employment and lifestyle modernization for indigenous peoples.

The overall report assesses impact of the energy sector on the Russian Federation’s economy and human development. It describes the global economic crisis' many problems, which also offers a window of opportunity for Russia to transform its energy sector, evolving in its present form during the late 20th century, into a modern, high-tech vanguard for the national economy in the 21st century, with due respect for the environment and human health. Issues, which are the traditional subject matter of human development reports – economic development, income levels, employment, education and health care – are discussed in the context of the energy theme. The report is intended for top-level managers, political scientists, scientific researchers, teachers and high school students.


  • Themes:Climate Change, Critical Infrastructure, Social Impacts & Resilience
  • Countries/Regions:Russian Federation

  • Short URL:http://preventionweb.net/go/13701

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