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Centre for Chinese Agricultural Policy (CCAP)

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CCAP's mission is to provide the basic and applied research on agricultural and rural development issues that will contribute to the realization of our vision. They are committed to providing theoretically sound, empirically based, and objective policy recommendations to the government for better policy making in agriculture and rural sector. As part of their mission, CCAP is continually seeking to raise the quality of its research to the standards of excellence that will be recognized internationally, while placing equal importance to focusing on studies that are relevant to China's current policy and social development.

General contact information

  • URL: http://en.ccap.org.cn/
  • Address: No.Jia 11, Datun Road, Anwai
  • Postal Code: 100101
  • City: Beijing
  • Country: China
  • Telephone: +86 1064889440
  • Email: ccap@igsnrr.ac.cn

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Last updated on 23 Feb 2009

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