Photo by UNISDR Downtown Jakarta is home to a significant part of Indonesia’s economic wealth. It is exposed to several hazards including floods exacerbated by poorly maintained urban canals.

Indonesia: Business key for Sendai Framework success


Indonesia’s National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) has told business leaders that the private sector is vital to efforts to reduce the country’s disaster risk. The BNPB’s Deputy Chief for Prevention and Mitigation, Mr. Widjaja said the private sector will become increasingly important as Indonesia aligns its Disaster Management Plan to the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction...

  • US: Sharper forecasts may help avert repeat of Katrina disaster - Feature


    The science of predicting hurricanes has come a long way since Katrina caught New Orleans officials off guard 10 years ago, reports Reuters. A range of technological advances, from a new generation of satellites to supercomputers and unmanned drones, promises more-accurate forecasts that would increase public officials' confidence in weather experts' advice that in turn, could save lives...

  • Kenyan fishing town swaps boats for mangroves and mariculture


    For the past five years, members of the Mtongani Self Help Group in Kilifi, Kenya, have been acting as volunteer forest guards, restoring mangroves along the Kilifi Creek, some 75 km (46.6 miles) from Mombasa, Kenya's second-largest city. They also maintain four tidal fish ponds nearby, which help them conserve local marine life and make a living as climate change impacts bite and fish catches on the open sea shrink...

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