Floods hit as leaders gather for Climate Summit in New York


Recent heavy rains have caused major devastation in the Philippines, France, Italy, China, Pakistan, South Sudan and Uganda - indicators of the 'new normal' if no accelerated action is taken. 'Heads of State are expected to make national announcements on both [climate change] mitigation and adaptation and we do hope that these announcements will include commitments to disaster risk reduction...', said UNISDR Chief ahead of the UN Climate Summit...

  • ACS sets aside $ millions for disaster risk reduction

    Guardian Trinidad and Tobago

    According to chairman of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS) Special Committee for DRR, Therese Marianne-Pepin, about Euro $200m have been budgeted for the ACS, 25% of which will be allocated to work on natural hazards and its consequences. According to the report, early warning systems are being looked at...

  • Wetlands International releases new book 'Downstream voices' by Fred Pearce

    Wetlands Intl

    'We are thrilled to launch 'Downstream Voices' which shares some of our experiences and illustrates how improving the management of wetlands helps to reduce water-related disaster risks, from the village level all the way up to the wider landscape and watershed. With this book we hope to open the eyes of governments, development and aid organisations, environmental experts and engineers', says Jane Madgwick, CEO of Wetlands International...

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