photo of flooded street in Zeng Cuo An,  by flickr user, marco bono, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0, https://www.flickr.com/photos/marcboon/9328708086

USAID, Rockefeller launch $100 million climate resilience fund for Asia, Africa


'Both USAID and the Rockefeller Foundation see resilience as a vital framework to help alleviate poverty, promote more sustainable development and lessen the impacts of disasters,' said Michael Yates, director of the USAID regional mission in Asia...

  • 'Don’t wait for a tsunami to combat supplier risk': Opinion

    Procurement Leaders, Sigaria

    'The impact of natural disasters have repeatedly raised questions on organizations’ preparedness to tackle supply chain disruptions. Companies today look for geographical presence and spread of their key suppliers to ensure business continuity. But is that all a company should do to mitigate risk?" poses the question Pramod Sethumadhavan in Procurement Leaders'...

  • Floods and droughts in Sri Lanka: A sustainable solution - Opinion

    Upali Newspapers (PVT) LTD

    'It seems that in the future, this disparity in the availability of water within the country would become worse; wet-zone receiving more rain and the dry-zone receiving less rain, than what is received currently. The obvious solution is to develop some means to take the surplus water from the wet-zone to the water-deficit dry-zone,' writes Dr. Janaka Ratnasiri...

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