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'We are ready' - World Vision Thailand


'Our village is flooded once or twice a year. We learned to prepare essential items like bedding, food, drinking water, and flashlight. If the floods come again, we will overcome and never allow our children to be harmed. We now know that we have to shut down electricity first when the water comes to keep us and our children safe. I believe that we are ready to face the floodwaters'...

  • Disaster risk management facilities given to Solomon Islands

    Solomon Star Newspapers

    The government of Japan, through the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), delivered a new radio broadcasting transmission facility to improve Solomon Islands disaster early warning system. The facility increases the coverage of radio broadcasting to nearly 100 percent of the country’s population, which will be significant to unite the country for disaster preparation...

  • Bangladesh: Staving off disasters together - Op-ed


    Using as example the promotion of safety and resiliency of communities by the private sector through investment in disaster risk reduction, which would at the same time protect their own business continuity as well as the community to which their employees and suppliers belong to, the article calls for disaster risk reduction to be a responsibility shared equally between the public and private sectors...

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