Italy: Potenza becomes role model for resilience


The Italian Province of Potenza was recognized at the weekend as a role model for inclusive resilience by the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction. Potenza has proven its ability to guide and lead its 100 cities under a network approach in order to keep the municipalities and the community active and informed about disaster risk management by supporting and coordinating projects directly with communities...

  • Indonesia: a tweeting solution to Jakarta flooding

    Jakarta Globe

    'If human beings want to continue to live in Jakarta, they are going to need to adapt climate change. This is not just sea level rise, but also erratic, extreme weather and more intense precipitation. No one is coming to fix these climate problems. We have to adapt to avoid fatal consequences,' said Dr. Etienne Turpin, an urban theorist based at the University of Wollongong in Australia...

  • Ghana: Education is key to disaster risk reduction – UNU Vice Rector

    Citi FM

    'Disaster risk coping strategies often include alternative sources of income, evacuation, migration and reliance on aid and social networks but research from various case studies have proven that these coping strategies are not adequate to avoid loss and damage, hence the need to complement current efforts with new strategies,' said Prof. Rhyner, Vice Rector of UNU...

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