Prof. Shinichi Takemura demonstrating the use of Tangible Earth at Geneva Airport. (Photo: UN Geneva)

Geneva passengers to check out the planet before take-off


'The Tangible Earth is also used to present information on disaster risks in any point on the planet, developed by UNISDR in collaboration with a consortium of leading scientific and technical institutions. It provides for the first time a global vision of disaster risk. I hope that each person who touches this globe will think about what she or he could do to make this a more resilient planet'...

  • UN official extols Cuban preparedness in case of disasters


    The United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) Deputy Executive Director, Ibrahim Thiaw, cited Cuba as an example of national preparation system to face disasters. 'It takes a long time to build such a system. It takes a lot of time to maintain it. That requires a strong national administration. You managed to create the program, maintain it and put it into operation when the moment comes'...

  • Shifting private sector perspectives on disaster philanthropy in Asia

    Forbes Media LLC

    Matt Grager, Director of Disaster Preparedness Programs at Give2Asia, presents two approaches as key to long-term resilience, which would involve the private sector to prioritize funding disaster preparedness and risk reduction in addition to relief, and community-based approaches to begin to replace the top-down models put forth by governments and other international organizations...

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