By Joe Hastings https://www.flickr.com/photos/joehastings/538538099

Mt. Everest avalanche: Is climate change to blame?

LiveScience, TechMediaNetwork

'Studies suggest that rise in temperatures increase the likelihood of avalanches, such as the one on the Mt Everest, the world's tallest mountain, that has claimed 16 lives this month. Melting glaciers also lead to glacier lake outburst floods, and experts urge that 'an effective monitoring and warning system for critical glacial lakes is urgently needed,' reports Live Science...

  • AfDB board approves new Africa climate change fund


    'Africa is the most vulnerable continent to the impacts of climate change, yet the region receives a very small share of climate finance as compared to other continents. I strongly believe it is the responsibility of the Bank to help African countries access international climate finance to support their transition towards climate smart development, said Alex Rugamba from AfDB...

  • Haiti‚Äôs current drought: An opportunity to build climate change resilience?

    Oxfam America

    Happily, there are cost-effective steps that Haiti can take to build resilience to climate change. Besides irrigation, these include redoubled reforestation efforts, greater attention to flood control, and government promotion of energy alternatives. The country has ready access to renewables such as...

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