Photo by Apex Studio 'Don’t be part of the problem, be part of the solution. Become Resilient!' is the message of the Nicaraguan comic.

Comics power DRR in Nicaragua


Volunteers in Nicaragua are deploying the graphic power of comics to spread the message that disasters are not natural but a result of the collective failure of communities to cope with hazards. Nivea Centeno González, a 20-year-old university student, siad 'The message that this comic transmits is very clear and easy to understand for me. Each person should be an example of action.'...

  • Nepal: Monsoons pose serious health and sanitation threat to quake-affected children - Plan

    Plan Intl

    'After the earthquake, existing water facilities and household toilets were damaged, many beyond repair. Without access to sanitation and hand washing facilities, or safe and clean drinking water, the risk of infectious and water-borne diseases becomes a very worrying reality,' said Bryneson...

  • Cook Islands calls for disaster-ready buildings


    The Cook Islands Finance Minister, Mark Brown says because of climate change, key infrastructure needs to be built with the expectation it will be hit more often and more severely by natural disasters, reports Radio New Zealand. Brown says preparation is key, like having emergency response plans in place beforehand, and key infrastructure built and maintained to withstand more frequent disasters...

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