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Tonga: Survivors get back on their feet after tropical cyclone Ian


All houses being constructed through the program are climate-resilient and can withstand wind speeds to up to 70 meters per second. Retrofitting and repairing will also take place to strengthen houses for up to 1,000 eligible families. Community facilities will be reconstructed and strengthened...

  • Tackling climate change: A coffee farmer’s view

    Guardian, the

    Small-scale farmers in developing countries are among those most affected by the impacts of climate change. Unpredictable and extreme weather including higher temperatures, reduced rainfall, floods and droughts can dramatically reduce yields and may lead to some regions becoming unsuitable for crops that have grown there for many years, reports The Guardian...

  • US: Is your home on this list of cities likely to be hit by bigger, stronger hurricanes?

    Participant Media

    'If you’re in a city that currently has a pretty low hurricane risk—and your risk has the possibility to change quite a bit from climate change—then you need to look at investments in power system changes. You need to evaluate how your power grid will survive and if your power grid can survive a hurricane'...

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