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Avalanches: A force more deadly than polar bears


Avalanches kill far more people on the Norwegian arctic island archipelago of Svalbard than polar bears ever have. Researchers are working on ways to improve avalanche prediction and protection. Understanding the forces the snow exerts before it slides away in an avalanche can help inform decisions on the construction of protective structures to prevent avalanches from happening.

  • The locust invasions devastating Niger


    Locusts have become public enemy number one in the fields and pastures of Niger. As one invasion costs as much as 170 years of prevention, the threat is high and as steps are being taken to prevent invasions involving both growers as well as officials.

  • Rwanda: Disaster resilient houses handed over to Ngororero residents

    MIDIMAR, Rwanda - gov

    The construction of new 'disaster resilient' houses in the Ngororero district in Rwanda has been completed. The selection of the beneficiary district was based on indicators including climate and disaster risk. The project focused on capacity building and mitigation to floods, landslide resilience, and retrofitting of houses prone to disaster.

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