Climate summit: Our last chance for global pact to protect planet


Climate change constitutes a significant threat to sustainable development and to the survival of humanity, writes Bishow Parajuli, UNDP Resident Representative in Zimbabwe. Floods, droughts and cyclones have caused more than US$ 1trillion in damages and affected over 4 billion people since 1990. Without addressing climate change, our determination to end poverty will remain just that: determination...

  • Uganda: Butaleja district warned against misuse of the early flood warning system

    New Vision, the

    The assistant commissioner for disaster in the directorate of disaster preparedness, Gerald Menhya has called for skills development among the Butaleja district officials on how to operate the flood early warning system, reports New Vision. 'In our office, we embrace the philosophy of investing one dollar in preparedness or mitigation saves seven dollars in response to disaster,' Menya said...

  • Making genetic diversity part of climate change adaptation

    FAO Headquarters

    'Genetic resources for food and agriculture will have to contribute greatly to our efforts to cope with climate change,' says Maria Helena Semedo, FAO Deputy Director-General for Natural Resources. 'We need to act now to reduce the risk that the scale and speed of climate change will surpass our ability to identify, select, reproduce and - eventually - use these resources in the field.' she added...

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