photo of Bhaktapur, Nepal Earthquake Destruction, USAID,  (CC BY-NC 2.0), https://www.flickr.com/photos/usaid_images/17124554898

Sachs: Insuring for disaster - Opinion

New York Times

'A global system of disaster insurance would of course not be perfect and would take time to implement, but could save many lives and livelihoods in the years ahead, and help vulnerable low-income countries like Haiti and Nepal chart a path to sustainable development,' writes Jeffrey Sachs in an op-ed in the New York Times...

  • Classquake: What the global media missed in Nepal earthquake coverage

    Conversation Media Group, the

    'As Nepal rebuilds, it will be necessary to ensure that preventative building practices are followed' regardless of economic class, writes Andrew Nelson, of the University of North Texas. 'Thinking beyond Nepal to the next 'disaster,' it will also be critical for global media to draw attention to the structural inequalities at the core of disasters'...

  • Pakistan pushes to put stalled climate policy into action


    Pakistan's provinces will create committees to support climate change adaptation, in a push to implement a long-stalled national climate policy. The policy outlines some 120 actions for climate change mitigation and adaptation. Water conservation, flood-resilient infrastructure and the development of climate-resilient crop varieties are considered particularly urgent...

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