By Thomas Hawk CC BY-NC 2.0 https://www.flickr.com/photos/thomashawk/9108473536

US: Are our buildings prepared for natural disasters bigger than hurricane Sandy?

Guardian, the

Russell Unger, chairman of the task force that proposed building code upgrades after Sandy, talks about the disaster risk reduction measures New York City has made since the storm, and tells The Guardian why city residents should never lose access to running water...

  • Urban sustainability should look outside the cities


    Research and planning for sustainable cities should go hand in hand with rural development, according to Edwin Castellanos. He argues that recent initiatives related to climate change adaptation can help to breach the divide between urban planning for sustainability and rural development for poverty alleviation...

  • Australia: Victorians face increased bushfire fears as phone problems unfixed

    Shanghai Daily

    Mobile phone blackspots in Australian bushfire-prone regions, such as Victoria, will remain unfixed in the near future despite an Australian government program set up to improve coverage. Local citizens are worried that early warnings would not reach them on time...

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