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Can we get better at predicting earthquakes?

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Given the devastation earthquakes cause, seismologists and public officials have long wanted to predict earthquakes. While the focus was on minimizing loss, the public has been interested more in prediction than in mitigation. So what can seismologists do when it comes to predicting earthquakes? Is the goal to predict an occurrence, ground motion, or disaster?

  • Hurricanes are worse, but experience, gender and politics determine beliefs

    Princeton Uni

    Objective measures of storm intensity show that North Atlantic hurricanes have grown more destructive. But residents' views depend more on gender, belief in climate change and recent experience with hurricanes, according to a new study. Understanding how people perceive the threat of hurricanes is crucial for preparedness and policies to make communities more resilient.

  • Adaptation in USA: As temperatures rocket, cities fight heat waves


    In the coming decades, heat waves will be longer, more frequent and more intense. Those most at risk are often the more vulnerable people who live in cities. As they work to adapt to more frequent or intense heat waves, US city leaders and emergency responders across the country are trying to figure out not only how to keep people safe, but how to cool their urban cores.

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