By Roger Price CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 https://www.flickr.com/photos/rwp-roger/4463515829

Amid construction boom, Myanmar starts to build disaster resilience


'I was here when Cyclone Nargis blew over us, and it was terrible. If something similar happens now, we should be better prepared, because there are more buildings, more vehicles and more people here,' said Zaw, a car dealer in Myanmar...

  • 'Beirut is ridiculously unprepared for a major earthquake'

    Next City

    'If we design our structures for earthquakes and observe international regulations, we save a lot of lives,' said Mohammed Harajli, a professor of civil engineering at AUB in an interview with Next City. 'The cost of making a building earthquake resistant does not add that much to the cost of the building. It’s five percent maximum,' he added...

  • Chile: Se reactivan los voraces incendios en Valparaíso


    'Estamos frente a una ciudad con dos componentes: construcciones regulares, normadas, y asentamientos irregulares que se instalan en las zonas de mayor riesgo, como las quebradas, que tienen riesgo de incendio y además son zonas naturales de evacuación de aguas lluvias”, explicó a BBC Mundo el experto en emergencias chileno Michel De L'Herbe,'...

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