Photo by IDEP Tsunami thanks: Betumonga villagers of North Pagi, thank IDEP Foundation on a monitoring visit to the remote island, for disaster preparedness training that saved their lives in a 2010 Mentawai tsunami earthquake.

Indonesia: Bali at high risk of disasters


'Despite Indonesia’s strong efforts, Bali disaster risk management so far is limited to popular beach tourism areas in the island’s central south, while local communities across Bali province are at risk of missing out on urgent disaster preparedness education,' according to IDEP Foundation Director Ade Andreawan...

  • Harsh weather cripples fishing and tourism on Cameroon's coast


    Samuel Nguiffo of the Centre for Environment and Development in Cameroon, a non-government organisation that deals with forest and land issues, said the first step to protecting the port...from extreme weather could be through major reforestation efforts.'This would restore the dune ecosystem and reduce the impact of rising sea levels, as well as minimise any future storm surges that could pose a potential danger to the port's infrastructure.'...

  • Maurice: Le plan pour la gestion des catastrophes est 'prêt'

    ION News

    Le ministre de l’Environnement a présenté un compte-rendu de sa participation à la troisième Conférence mondiale sur la prévention des catastrophes au cours de laquelle les 187 Etats membres ont adopté, au bout de 30 heures de négociations, un nouvel accord-cadre sur 15 ans, le Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030, qui, d'après ION News, 'laisse un goût d’inachevé'...

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Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030

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