By Roberto Trm CC BY 2.0 https://www.flickr.com/photos/massimo_riserbo/5230787387

Increasing coastal resilience to storms and flooding


EU researchers are developing an online tool kit to help different coastal regions predict – and prepare for – floods and storms. In the framework of the FP7-funded RISC-KIT project new shorter versions of a RISC-KIT policy brief have been made available in Bulgarian, French, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch and German, in addition to English...

  • AfDB Climate Change Committee shares outcomes of COP20


    Alex Rugamba, CCCC Chair and Director of the Bank’s Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Change noted that while adaptation to climate change is estimated to cost Africa between US $20 billion and $30 billion per year, major multilateral development banks jointly reported combined adaptation finance amounting to only US $2.7 billion for Sub-Saharan Africa...

  • US: Seattle seismologists get feel for how earthquake early warning tech will work

    Emergency Management magazine

    'The real-time nature of reporting on a football game lends itself to rapid information broadcasting though different channels and also to immediate feedback from many interested parties. During a real earthquake or volcanic sequence, we need to be able to produce and distribute not only data and automated analysis but also interpretations and responses to legitimate questions and concerns'...

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