Storm Doris: giving dangerous weather a human name makes us more wary

Conversation Media Group, the

Giving storms human names makes them easy to remember and to talk about. A name generates an instant hashtag and search term, meaning people are more aware and prepared when they hit. There are also deeper effects: naming nonhuman agents and giving them human characteristics has a positive impact on recall and can affect behaviour.

  • Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia: building back after the floods


    Intensive rains caused the Strumica River in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to flood thousands of hectares of farmland in February 2015. Efforts to clear the river of waste includes an EUR 800,000 project that has cleared 23 kilometres of regulated canals and repaired damaged embankments, significantly reducing the blockage and the risk of overflow.

  • United States: Recent events bring dam safety into the spotlight

    Natural Hazards Center

    Money is a key element in rehabilitating aging and inadequate dams, but there are a myriad of other factors at play, as well—environmental concerns, cross-jurisdictional impacts, and the fact that most dams weren’t engineered to handle the conditions of today’s climate-driven extremes are all relevant.

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