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Request for Proposal: Engagement of background verification firm(s) at CDRI

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About CDRI

The Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI) is a partnership of national governments, UN agencies and programmes, multilateral development banks and financing mechanisms, the private sector, and knowledge institutions that aims to promote the resilience of new and existing infrastructure systems to climate and disaster risks in support of sustainable development.


CDRI seeks to rapidly expand the development and retrofit of resilient infrastructure to respond to the SDG of expanding universal access to basic services, enabling prosperity and decent work.


To support countries to upgrade their systems to ensure disaster and climate resilience of existing and future infrastructure.

Strategic Work Plan 2023-2026

CDRI's Strategic Work Plan 2023-26 describes the broad contours of its priority actions and planned initiatives in the next four years. The Strategic Work Plan sets out a clear direction for the Coalition to pursue a transformational agenda for DRI in response to a changing risk landscape and evolving on-ground realities of its members. In the next four years, the Coalition will continue to leverage the expertise of its Member Countries and partners to develop context-specific, innovative solutions for resilient infrastructure towards the achievement of national priorities and global commitments of its members.

With the Strategic Work Plan for 2023 - 2026, CDRI has set out the following strategic outcomes.

Strategic Outcome 1: A strong Coalition that has the membership, resources, and global leadership to drive global, national, regional, and local DRI action.

Strategic Outcome 2: Global DRI research, Coalition-led peer engagement, and CDRI-curated and generated knowledge promote risk-informed policy and practice.

Strategic Outcome 3: Enhanced capacities of government, private enterprises, and communities to implement post-disaster recovery and DRI action at scale.

CDRI Headquarters (Secretariat)

The CDRI Headquarter is established in New Delhi, India, to act as the Secretariat of the Coalition.

Background & Objective

In an increasingly globalizing market, Organizations are obligated to their donors and partners to decrease internal and external risks, from potential reputational damage to fraud and corruption cases. Taking due diligence to find the right candidate helps the organization increase productivity and mitigates the risk associated with negligent acquisition in the event of employee underperformance, fraud, or crime.

As concerns about data security gain importance, organizations are increasingly undertaking background screening of their prospective employees.

Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure seeks the engagement of background verification firm(s) to support the organization's growing need in a flexible, timely, and cost-effective manner through various categories of checks to suit the organization's compliance needs.

Scope of Work

The scope of this assignment includes. The types of verifications and checks may be requested on a need basis.

a) Education Qualification Verification: Authenticating all Bachelor's degrees, Master's, or PhD degrees of the candidate (as mentioned in the CV) from the claimed university/institute/ college. Verification feedback is to be obtained through authorized sources such as clerk/ registrar/ controller of examination/ dean/ HOD/ professor/ principal as per the official process, and feedback is to be obtained through e-mail/fax/telephone/online database as per the law of the land.

b) Employment Verification: Verify the candidate's previous employment records with the last two organizations.

A systematic vetting procedure is to be in place to verify for sexual misconduct or criminal or disciplinary actions by the candidate, requesting the organization to confirm that they have never been subject to sanctions (disciplinary, administrative, or criminal) arising from an investigation and about SHEA(Sexual Harassment, Exploitation, and Abuse), or left employment pending investigation.

c) Address Verification: Verify the candidate's current and permanent address by conducting a physical visit/database search, as applicable to local compliance in the country.

d) Identity Verification: Verify the candidate's identity from any national ID issued by the country's government.

e) Reference Checks: Detailed feedback from the Referee about the candidate (two professional reference checks from the past two employment and one from the present employer).

f) Police Verification /Criminal Background Check: To undertake a Police Verification /Criminal background Check as applicable by law. In some countries, criminal checks are restricted by law, and in some, they are done through database searches, as applicable.


Minimum eight (08) years of experience as a background verification firm and having cadre for the organization's compliance needs.

Desired Competencies

  1. To comply with data privacy regulations and other legal requirements, such as the type and/or extent of verification checks permitted within the relevant jurisdictions and laws of the land.
  2. Ensure a non-biased and confidential process.
  3. Demonstrate expertise in facilitating credible and impactful verification.
  4. Ability to complete the background verification process end to end quickly and efficiently within agreed costs and timelines.
  5. Ability to provide global support for people with varied backgrounds.
  6. Conduct efficient, productive, and diplomatic communication with all stakeholders


Please share proposals in two separate PDF files:

1. Technical Proposal :

  1. Brief introduction of the firm - indicating qualifications, experience (at least 08 years of relevant experience), and suitability for this role.
  2. Provide a methodology (PPT) regarding the assignment approach and turnaround time in facilitating the verifications and checks and what quality parameters are ensured.
  3. List of clients associated with comparable stature as CDRI.
  4. At least two testimonies from previous satisfied clients (Over the last three years).
  5. Sample Background Verification form and Background verification report.

2. Financial Proposal. The Financial Proposal pdf should be password protected. The password for FINANCIAL PROPOSAL MUST NOT BE SHARED ALONG WITH PROPOSAL. The password for the financial proposal will be requested separately.

Please view the attached Request for Proposal for more information.

Other Terms & Conditions

  1. The proposals should be valid for 90 days after the final submission date.
  2. CDRI reserves the right to cancel this call for proposal before or after the receipt of proposals or after opening the proposal and call for fresh proposals. CDRI also has the right to reject any proposal without assigning any reason.
  3. Proposals incomplete in any respect will not be considered.
  4. Please note that the agency/consultant must clearly disclose the contractual and payment terms in its proposal.
  5. CDRI reserves the right to empanel more than one background verification firm.

The agencies are requested to submit their proposal through email to by 23:59 hrs (IST) on 24 June 2024. Responses received after the stipulated time or not in accordance will be summarily rejected.

Please ensure that your proposal is sent ONLY to ABOVE MENTIONED email ID before the closing date & time. Proposals sent/copied to any other email ID (other than above) OR received after the bid closing date & time (mentioned above) will not be entertained.


Request for Proposal 0.7 MB, PDF, English

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