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Firm for provision of Microsoft 365 Business Standard service for the Ethiopian Disaster Risk Management Commission (EDRMC)

Addis Ababa
Asian Disaster Preparedness Center

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Introduction and Background

Asian Disaster Preparedness CenterThe Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC), established in 1986, is a non-profit, autonomous international organization and non-political in management, staffing, and operations. ADPC has been created for scientific, educational, developmental, and humanitarian purposes that work to build the resilience of people and institutions to disasters and climate change impacts in Asia and the Pacific region.

ADPC has more than 36 years of working experience in Asia along with the national and local Governments of its founding charter member countries as well as countries of the Regional Consultative Committee (RCC) on Disaster Management. ADPC works to strengthen disaster risk reduction at all levels, from regional to national, sub-national, and local community levels. ADPC aims at supporting governments, strengthening institutions, and building capacity for mainstreaming DRR into development processes. It includes developing institutional systems, assessing disaster risks, undertaking programs for disaster risk reduction, adapting to climate change, etc. Further details on ADPC and its programs can be found at

Improving Coordination Capacity for Preparedness and Emergency Response in Ethiopia (ETCOR) project In partnership with the Ethiopian Disaster Risk Management Commission (EDRMC), Ethiopia, ADPC is currently implementing the programs namely “Strengthening Institutional Capacity for Preparedness for Emergency Response and Recovery in Ethiopia (SIPERE)”, and “Improving Coordination Capacity for Preparedness and Emergency Response in Ethiopia (ETCOR)” with funding support from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (the Foundation). The programs aim to improve the institutional capacity of EDRMC and key sectoral ministries including Agriculture and Health by enhancing systems, capacity, and coordination mechanisms for preparedness and response, and improving information and knowledge management system.

To increase the resilience and achieve the improvement of the institutional capacity of EDRMC and key sectoral ministries by enhancing systems, capacity, coordination mechanisms, and improving information and knowledge management, there is a need for transformational shift towards policies and institutions to enhance Information Management System (IMS). ADPC in partnership with the EDRMC needs to procure the services of a competent and professional agency to establish the Microsoft 365 Business Standard to facilitate and enhance the communication and information management system of the institution and regional offices.

Purpose and Objectives

The firm is expected to provide Microsoft 365 Business Standard service, which includes the primary email component for communication in the institution, the standard inter and intra knowledge sharing platform, and standard licensed productivity tools for EDRMC.

The specific objectives of the service are to:

  1. Provide Microsoft 365 Business Standard software for 100 users to the EDRMC with full access and real time support for minimum continuous service of 1 year with the option for additional yearly subscriptions.
  2. 2. Define various payment modalities; credit card, bank transfer, and cash etc.

Expected Outputs

Microsoft 365 Business Standard for 100 users of EDRMC’s staff and Technical Support Unit (TSU) with full access and real time support for minimum continuous service of 1 year.

Requirement Matrix

The firm in provision of the Microsoft 365 Business Standard shall comprise, but not limited to, the following requirements, to be implemented as part of the procurement of the software.

Selection Criteria

  • Appropriate quotation rate among other firms.
  • Qualified and legal software provider in African region.
  • Experience in providing software service of similar organizations in the region.
  • Ability to contact the EDRMC and the ADPC during working hours.
  • Ability to find work solutions when issues arise without further finance implications.
  • Expertise in both in person and remote support upon the service provided.
  • Ability to provide software service for 1 year.
  • Provision for multi-year renewals with determined rates.
  • Provision of various payment modalities; credit card payment, bank transfer, and cash.

Selection Method

The Firm will be selected in accordance with the ADPC’s procurement process.

Working Principles

The Firm will work in coordination with the EDRMC’s ICT department.

Duty Station

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Contract Duration

The contract duration will be for one (1) year with potential to be renewed for two consecutive years.

How to apply

Interested Firms can submit the completed ADPC application form, (downloadable from, updated organizational profile, list of prior experience, a proposal along with a quotation and timeline, together with a cover letter, to: by 20 November 2022.

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