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About CDRI

The Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI) is a partnership of national governments, UN agencies and programmes, multilateral development banks and financing mechanisms, the private sector, and knowledge institutions that aims to promote the resilience of new and existing infrastructure systems to climate and disaster risks in support of sustainable development.


CDRI seeks to rapidly expand the development and retrofit of resilient infrastructure to respond to the SDG of expanding universal access to basic services, enabling prosperity and decent work.


To support countries to upgrade their systems to ensure disaster and climate resilience of existing and future infrastructure.

Strategic Work Plan 2023-2026

CDRI's Strategic Work Plan 2023-26 describes the broad contours of its priority actions and planned initiatives in the next four years. The Strategic Work Plan sets out a clear direction for the Coalition to pursue a transformational agenda for DRI in response to a changing risk landscape and evolving on-ground realities of its members. In the next four years, the Coalition will continue to leverage the expertise of its Member Countries and partners to develop context-specific, innovative solutions for resilient infrastructure towards the achievement of national priorities and global commitments of its members.

With the Strategic Work Plan for 2023 - 2026, CDRI has set out the following strategic outcomes.

Strategic Outcome 1: A strong Coalition that has the membership, resources, and global leadership to drive global, national, regional, and local DRI action.

Strategic Outcome 2: Global DRI research, Coalition-led peer engagement, and CDRI-curated and generated knowledge promote risk-informed policy and practice.

Strategic Outcome 3: Enhanced capacities of government, private enterprises, and communities to implement post-disaster recovery and DRI action at scale.

CDRI Headquarters (Secretariat)

The CDRI Headquarter is established in New Delhi, India, to act as the Secretariat of the Coalition.


Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure seeks the services of an International Recruitment firm that is global and has a diverse and multi-lingual team to support the needs of the growing organization with the following objectives:

  • Identify and appoint passionate, innovative, and talented to lead and manage in specific contexts who offer insights and experience from a diversity of perspectives, lived experiences, and backgrounds.
  • Candidates who can make a difference in our journey toward an inclusive, equitable, and sustainable future.
  • Candidates to strengthen their culture of cohesion and collaboration.

The international recruitment firm must have innovative practices, proven tools, and processes to attract and select diverse candidates from cross-geographic from CDRI member countries, and always be open to adapt to best suit the needs.

The international firm must have extensive networks of candidates worldwide (Global pool of Talent) and expertise in recruiting across different continents.

Scope of Work

The scope of this assignment includes:

  1. To understand the Vision, Mission, and Strategic work plan of the CDRI.
  2. Searching and headhunting: The Firm shall explore prospective candidates internationally from its rich database, other sources, and/or by headhunting to match the skills and qualifications required by the specific job description. To achieve this, the firm may be required to undertake cross-geographic market analysis, tap networks of professional affiliations, and leverage social media and other non-traditional methods of candidate sourcing to encourage applicants from diverse and multi-cultural backgrounds from CDRI member countries to apply.
  3. Shortlisting: The Firm shall then share a shortlist of a minimum of five of the most qualified prospective candidates from diverse backgrounds and submit it to the CDRI People & Talent department. If any of the shortlisted candidates do not meet the expectations, CDRI may ask for additional candidates to be added to the shortlist.
  4. Assessing: The Firm will conduct both oral and written assessments to test each candidate's potential before recommending it to CDRI.
  5. To provide administrative support for scheduling the interviews, written examination of shortlisted candidates, etc., in consultation with the CDRI People & Talent department.
  6. Psychometric Test: Conduct a Psychometric Test of recommended candidates (if required) for the role, in consultation with the CDRI People & Talent department, prior to the final selection interview.
  7. Reference Checking. The Firm shall perform reference checks of two to three referees. Reference checks may be performed for one to three of the top interviewed candidates.
  8. Qualifications, Experience and Competencies

Qualifications and Experience

  • The assigned organization/firm must have exclusive experience in hiring international positions (executive and leadership level) through head-hunting and open recruitment.
  • The key personnel of the firm handling such recruitment should possess an advanced degree in human resources management or related subject with at least ten years of relevant work experience in providing end-to-end recruitment services for UN Agencies, the World Bank, International Organisations, preferably working on Infrastructure Development & Disaster Risk Mitigation.


  • Familiar with international best practices for HR recruitment policies in international organizations.
  • Strong ethics and commitment to integrity and independence.
  • Excellent writing and analytical skills with fluency in written and spoken English.
  • Ability and commitment to deliver the expected results on time and within budget.
  • High level of professionalism, reliability, and responsiveness.


Please share proposals in two separate PDF files:

1. Technical Proposal:

  1. Brief Introduction of the firm and the team members- indicating qualification, Experience, and suitability for this assignment (PPT).
  2. Search Methodology (PPT) and work plan for performing the assignment.
  3. List of clients indicating the scope and magnitude of similar assignments where a similar assignment was carried out for an international organization or of comparable stature in India as CDRI.
  4. Firm's experience in providing Global searches for Leadership positions or unique roles with a turnaround time.
  5. At least two testimonies from previous satisfied clients (Over the last three years)

2. Financial Proposal. The Financial Proposal pdf should be password protected. The password for FINANCIAL PROPOSAL MUST NOT BE SHARED ALONG WITH PROPOSAL. The password for the financial proposal will be requested separately.


Terms of Reference 0.2 MB, PDF, English

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