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Consultant to improve GCF concept note for Sri Lanka

Asian Disaster Preparedness Center

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A. Purpose and objectives: 

Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC) is an autonomous international organization established for scientific, educational. developmental, and humanitarian purposes with a vision of safer communities and sustainable development through disaster risk reduction and climate resilience in Asia and the Pacific. For details, please refer to ADPC website at .

Asian Disaster Preparedness Center, in collaboration with International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), is improving a concept note developed as part of the 1st GCF Readiness project titled “Climate enhanced resilience and integrated water management in the Kelani River Basin in Sri Lanka (CERIWAM)” to submit for GCF funding with the consent of the Ministry of Environment (MoE) as the National Designated Authority (NDA) for GCF in Sri Lanka for. The IUCN will serve as the Accredited Entity (AE), whereas ADPC will be the international Executing Entity (EE) of this project.

The NDA for GCF in Sri Lanka is in the process of prioritizing this concept note and it needs further improvements to include the evidence and justification of climate rationale, and its alignment with the GCF investment criteria. The improved concept note will submit to the NDA for no objection for IUCN to submit the same to GCF within the year 2024.

ADPC intends to hire a short-term consultant to (i) improve the existing concept note as per the latest GCF criteria; (ii) improve the Theory of Change; and (iii) prepare content of the concept to submit to GCF after its review by the GCF NDA in Sri Lanka.

B. Scope of work

The services of the consultant to develop this GCF Concept Note is required. The assignment for the Consultant will cover three elements:

  1. Gap analysis of the existing concept note (CN);
  2. Develop improved CN in accordance with GCF latest CN template;
  3. Gap analysis of assessment/studies requirement to develop GCF funding proposal.

If available, Consultant, NDA, ADPC and IUCN as the AE will provide any background studies prepared for developing the existing concept note. The Consultant is also expected to provide gap analysis report covering further studies, such as gender assessment studies, and activities that might be required by the AE and the project developer.

In performing her/his tasks, the Consultant will work closely with the NDA, ADPC and IUCN as the AE as well as the project proponent/s.

C. Expected outputs:

The consultant will be responsible for delivering the following Outputs:

  1. Prepare a Final Theory of Change
  2. Prepare a draft final of improved GCF Concept Note
  3. Prepare a PowerPoint Presentation to be presented to NDA for GCF in Sri Lanka

D. Responsibilities and tasks:

The Consultant will be responsible for the following tasks and duties:

  1. Review the existing concept note.
  2. Review similar work done in the Kelani River basin and try to build on the existing findings e.g. Medium to Long-term Multi-Stakeholder Strategy and Action Plan for Management and Conservation of the Kelani River Basin 2016-2020, as well as similar World Bank and ADB initiatives in the country.
  3. Identify gaps in the concept note, and discuss the areas for improvement with IUCN and ADPC.
  4. Take part in consultations (online) with stakeholders in Sri Lanka to be jointly organized by IUCN and ADPC.
  5. Conduct technical research and analysis to flesh out project components and all technical sections, particularly on climate rationale and 6 GCF investment criteria of impact potential; paradigm shift potential; sustainable development; country needs; country ownership and cost-effectiveness.
  6. Calculate emissions from BAU and possible reductions resulting from the project using the same method approved by the relevant government agency with support from ADPC.
  7. Strengthen (or re-write) the existing CN. The CN should, at minimum, have below qualities:
    • Sound arguments and rationale that demonstrate project alignment with 6 GCF Investment Criteria
    • Sound arguments and rationale that demonstrates projects alignment with the Integrated Results Framework (IRMF) and the GCF Strategy 2
    • High quality theory of change, project logframe with well-defined indicators, targets, inputs and outputs
    • Appropriate implementation arrangement
  8. Prepare risk register for the project including list of initial risk analysis and mitigation of the project concept
  9. Prepare preliminary screening of Environmental and Social Risks and also prepare preliminary actions for mainstreaming gender equality with support from IUCN.
  10. Describe any potential impacts on indigenous peoples and the measures to address these impacts including advising on the development of Indigenous Peoples Plan at the proposal stage
  11. Provide information for IUCN ESMS specialist to be able to complete the preliminary ESMS screening
  12. Conduct barrier analysis on scaling-up NBS interventions financing options, including analysis of existing stakeholders and players in the area with support from IUCN;
  13. Conduct needs analysis in terms of financial products and assets class to be supported, including the level of concessionality required with support from IUCN;
  14. Undertake analysis of options for developing NBS based Kelani River Basin restoration financing bankable deals for these technical options and then linking with the financial sector for scaling-up investments from both national and international financing institutions;
    • Undertake analysis of options for scaling-up investments from climate investors including blending financing solutions including equity financing for investing in Kelani Basin restoration with support from IUCN. Some of the instruments to be analysed could include the following:
      1. Green bond financing
      2. Payment for Ecosystem Services including eco-tourism services and other bundled services
      3. Equity financing
      4. Guarantees
      5. Risk insurance and other insurance solutions for enhancing resilience of communities
      6. Debt for Nature Swaps
  15. Provide recommendations/roadmap on follow-up study to support implementation of the Kelani Basin project
  16. Prepare quality presentations in relation to the project concept note.
  17. Develop and maintain active coordination, on a day-to-day basis, with ADPC, IUCN as the AE, project proponents, and the NDA.

Prepare content of the presentation to be discussed with the NDA for GCF, Sri Lanka.

  1. Finalize the concept for submission to the NDA for GCF, Sri Lanka for the next steps.

E. Working principles: 

Consultant will report to the Director, Climate Resilience Department and will work closely with Sr. Water Resources Management Specialist, M&E Lead and other specialists as required.

F. Qualifications:

Consultant shall have the following qualifications

  • Master’s degree (Ph.D. is desired) or equivalent in Water Resources Management;
  • 15 years of professional experience in Water Resources Management;
  • At least 10 years of experience working and/or doing research in climate change adaptation and water resources projects in south Asia;
  • Very good understanding of the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and GCF investment criteria;
  • Experience in the design and development of climate change adaptation projects, specifically oriented towards obtaining (international) donor funding is favorable;
  • An excellent track record in analyzing adaptation projects/programs within national and international contexts;
  • Demonstrated strong interpersonal and motivational skills and sensitivity to the local environment as well as the ability to work with minimal supervision;
  • Strong English reporting and writing abilities;

G. Duty station: 


H. Duration: 

15 days of input over the 5-month period

I. Itinerary: 

20 May – 30 October 2024. No travel is required as part of the assignment. Online attendance of stakeholder workshop may be required (dates to be communicated).

J. Condition of payment:

Payment will be made as per the payment schedule . All payments will be credited to the bank account provided by the consultant.

K. Selection method

The candidate will be selected in accordance with ADPC’s recruitment process and policy guidelines.

How to apply

Interested Candidates can submit the completed ADPC application form, (downloadable from, resume, copy of degrees/certificate(s) together with a cover letter, to:

Female candidates are especially encouraged to apply.

ADPC encourage diversity in its workplace and support an inclusive work environment.


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