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Communication Advisor

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Asian Disaster Preparedness Center

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The Ethiopian Disaster Risk Management Commission (EDRMC) is mandated to lead Ethiopia’s Disaster Risk Management work in the country. The commission in collaboration with its partner had developed the “DRM Strategic Plan and Investment Framework (DRM-SPIF)” approved by the Federal Government in 2013. The National DRM mainstreaming guideline was developed and launched in 2018. Guided by the strategy and guideline, the EDRMC has embarked on an initiative to mainstream disaster risk management across all line ministries as well as regional states. The EDRMC is currently in the process of finalizing its policy reform agenda and a 10-years strategic plan taking into consideration the complex humanitarian situations, risk management dynamics, and global system change. A virtual working platform and operating system that integrates the Early Warning System (EWS) and Emergency Coordination Centers (ECCs) are being implemented by EDRMC in close collaboration with the Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC) 1and other stakeholders. This will be implemented as part of the overall enhancement of shock responsiveness and proactiveness of the EWS and the operationalization of the ECCs at national and sub- national levels.

EDRMC, in partnership with the ADPC, is currently implementing a program namely “Improving Coordination Capacity for Preparedness and Emergency Response in Ethiopia (ETCOR)” with funding support from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The program aims to improve the institutional capacity of EDRMC and key sectoral ministries including Agriculture and Health by enhancing systems, capacity, and coordination mechanisms for preparedness and response, and improving information and knowledge management systems. Initially, the program will focus on supporting the relevant Government institutions in the effective coordination of emergency relief, humanitarian coordination, emergency preparedness, and early recovery in the conflict-affected areas in Northern Ethiopia and other vulnerable regions where the respective sectoral stakeholders are involved. The medium- to long-term focus will be on enhancing the inter-and intra-sectoral coordination capacity of the Government system for overall preparedness and emergency response in Ethiopia through technical and leadership capacity development support to the relevant agencies within the framework of National DRM policy and implementation strategy.

Purpose and Objectives:

The program is looking to recruit a qualified consultant as a Communication Advisor to be based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The consultant will be responsible for leading the implementation of identified activities in this TOR. The consultant will be based at EDRMC under the Commissioner's Office and work closely with the Public Relation and Communication Directorate in strategic communication, development of printed & electronic communication materials, develop communication standards, international communications, organize virtual conference systems, workshops, develop tools and guidelines for communications and public relations.

This consultant position is open for Ethiopian Nationals only. The position is based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Expected Outputs:

As part of the Program Management Unit (PMU), the Communication Advisor will be based at EDRMC. The consultant will directly report to the Deputy Commissioner, work closely with the Public Relations and Communication Director and staff, and coordinate with other EDRMC Directorates for:

  • Reviewing existing communication and public relation strategy, policy and practices from various stakeholders in Ethiopia, the Horn of Africa and other regions and recommendations provided for improvement.
  • Developing communication strategy, guidelines, standards and tools for documentation, dissemination, decision support, and promoting the commission’s works.
  • Designing contents, technical review, editing, development, organizing design & payout, and publication of printed and electronic communication materials, reports, knowledge products and tools.
  • Writing and regularly updating web content, Op-eds, articles, blog posts, press releases, and social media packs for the commission’s activities, programs and presences.
  • Supporting the development of cooperation projects for social media and thematic campaigns as and when required.
  • Technical assistance for media engagement which includes creation of a network with the national and international media to increase visibility of the commission’s work.
  • Technical guidance for effective communication including information gathering, analysis, documentation, information sharing & dissemination, and receiving feedback from end-users.
  • Supporting the commission in crafting of speeches, messages and reports for national and international events.
  • Technical assistance in organizing workshops, meetings, webinars, DRM learning platforms in coordination with other directorates using virtual and other platforms to enable the commission to integrate with the wider national and international audiences for effective learning.
  • Support and ensure synergies created within EDRMC, and among the sectoral and DRM agencies at federal and regional levels in Ethiopia.
  • Coordination with the commissioner and other directorates to identify the strategic opportunities to increase the visibility of the commission’s work and advocacy.

The consultant is expected to commence the work from November 2022. Below are the expected outputs with the timeline

Outputs/ Key deliverables:

  • Existing communication strategies, policy documents and guidelines and protocols reviewed, and standard and tools for strategic communication developed. Timeline: November 2022 - February 2023
  • Technical assistance provided for content writing and tools developed for data collection, analysis, and generating regular information and media releases in various media. Timeline: Throughout the contract period
  • Managed and improved information and communication outlets and system, including databases and spreadsheets, along with the related process for data collection, cleaning, and verification. Timeline: May - June 2023
  • Media releases content reviewed, alerts, virtual messages, decision information, communication, and feedback systems developed & released in close collaboration with the Commissioner, Public Relations Directorate and the MIS Expert for Digital Library & Web Portal Management. Timeline: Weekly, monthly and quarterly throughout the project period
  • Effective and up-to-date scientific approaches and methods developed for information gathering, analysis, for standard communication materials messages, documentations, articles, story generation on a timely basis. Timeline: Weekly, monthly, and quarterly throughout the project period as and when needed.
  • Process documents and publication materials including photo and video editing developed on humanitarian situations and the complex emergency alerts, awareness and response works of the commission. Timeline: Regularly, and as and when required
  • The official meetings of the commission organized, and minutes of the meeting timely prepared, properly documented and disseminated. Timeline: Regularly
  • Capacity building conducted on communication systems and application of the various tools for information gathering and dissemination through social media and other platforms for targeted audiences and end users. Timeline: Regularly as per training needs/ technical capacity gap analysis
  • Progress updates and quarterly reports. Timeline: Regularly

Responsibilities and Tasks:

  1. Technical assistance to the Public Relations and Communication Directorate for harmonization and operationalization of the communication strategy and the development of tools for data collection, analysis, and generating various communication products and media releases.
  2. Develop, organize and manage databases, spreadsheets, and other data tools; document and ensure the quality of the information and communication products and humanitarian data for accuracy, consistency, and comparability; consolidate operational information on a regular basis for situation analysis and decision making.
  3. Regularly prepare and compile reports and articles, and upload the commission’s information, knowledge products, policy documents, plans, emergencies, appeals, alerts, events reports and media releases.
  4. Support the commission’s representation in organizing and documenting meetings, emergencies to date information and media releases in various means.
  5. Lead the development of effective approaches and methods for information gathering, analysis, generating messages, media releases and updates on a timely basis.
  6. Monitor, analyze and report on humanitarian response and developments, disaster relief/management programs, or emergencies in the country.
  7. Lead and participate in working groups related to communication and information management, prepare stories, reports, information products and upload the publications on the web portal & social media platforms for the targeted users.
  8. Conduct capacity gap analysis, plan and facilitate tailored training for various users - virtually or in person, plan and organize workshops for EDRMC and key regional information & communication teams.
  9. Management of social media platforms and information, analysis, and assessment of teams/networks.
  10. Provide monthly system improvement progress updates and quarterly reports.
  11. Any other duties as assigned by EDRMC for the overall objectives of the position.

Working Principles:

In performing the duties and responsibilities indicated above, the consultant will report directly to the Deputy Commissioner at EDRMC, work closely with the Public Relations and Communication Directorate, staff, and coordinate with other EDRMC Directorates.



  • Advanced university degree (Master’s degree or equivalent) in communication, journalism, international language studies, marketing is essential. Additional study in disaster risk management, information management and data system, humanitarian programming, or related fields with working experience in Ethiopia is preferable.
  • Ph.D. in a related field would be an added advantage.

Work Experience:

  • At least 10 years proven experience in the field of communication and brand management with proven experience in strategic communication, content writing and editing.
  • Excellent record of accomplishment in implementing strategic communication, including engaging with the national and international media and designing & executing advocacy campaigns, good knowledge of communication and/or information management principles and concepts, knowledge of multimedia to develop a range of communication & information products with knowledge of social media communications.
  • Excellent record of accomplishment in implementing strategic communication including knowledge of the working practices of the national & international media.
  • Familiarity and at least 5 years of experience in working with government agencies.
  • Knowledge of the working ethics of Humanitarian context, national government agencies, International NGOs, National NGOs, private organizations, and international organizations would prove to be an added advantage.

Technical Competencies:

  • Strong communication skills in writing, editing content and designingcommunication materials.
  • Ability to engage with media including engaging and influencing policy makers and concerned stakeholders particularly the national and international partners and stakeholders.
  • Ability to analyze complex information from different sources and to synthesize the information into coherent briefs and communication documents in appropriate style through traditional and new media channels.
  • Familiarity with the humanitarian context, government, national and international media communication protocols and legal issues.

Personal Qualities:

  • Self-motivated, proactive, and takes initiatives.
  • Demonstrated ability to plan, and organize work & time independently.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and team-oriented work style.
  • Strong networking capacity and understanding of humanitarian and development nexus at local and regional levels.
  • Strong desire to learn, undertake new challenges, must be creative problem- solver, and must have self-confidence.
  • Willingness to work in a multi-tasking environment, good sense of humor but seriousness about the quality and excellence of work.


  • For the post advertised, fluency in English is required. Fluency in Verbal and written communication skills in English and Amharic are essential. Knowledge of another Ethiopian language is an advantage.

General Requirements:

  • Operate within all EDRMC and ADPC Guidelines & Procedures/ Policies.
  • Operate within specific program needs.

Duty Station:

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


12 months from November 2022 to October 2023 with the possibility of extension based on the performance and technical requirements of the position and project.

How to apply

Interested Candidates can submit the completed ADPC application form (downloadable from or ADPC Website), resume, copy of degrees/certificate(s) together with samples of related work to: on or before 30 September 2022

Female candidates are especially encouraged to apply.

ADPC encourages diversity in its workplace and supports an inclusive work environment.

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