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ISDR-ICL Sendai partnerships 2015-2025 for global promotion of understanding and reducing landslide disaster risk


The ISDR-ICL Sendai Partnerships 2015-2025 for Global Promotion of Understanding and Reducing Landslide Disaster Risk is a sound global platform which will be mobilized in the period 2015-2025 to pursue prevention, to provide practical solutions, education, communication, and public outreach to reduce landslide disaster risk. These Partnerships will engage all significant stakeholders concerned with the challenge of understanding and reducing disaster risk, including relevant international, national, local, governmental, and non-governmental institutions, programmes and initiatives. The Partnerships will focus on delivering tangible and practical results that are directly related to the implementation of the goals and targets of the post-2015 Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction.


Communities engaged in addressing the principal drivers of vulnerability and exposure to landslide risks and in hazard and risk assessment


• Early warning technology for landslides
• Hazard and vulnerability mapping.
• Improved technologies for monitoring, testing, analyzing, simulating, and effective early warning for landslides.
• International teaching tools that are always updated and may be used free of charge by national and local leaders and practitioners, in developed and developing countries
• Advancement of integrated research, capacity building, knowledge transfer, awareness-raising, training, and educational activities
• New initiatives to study research frontiers in understanding landslide disaster risk and hazard assessment.

Means of verification

Reviews carried out on a regular basis. International, regional events including World Landslide Fora


March 2015-2025



Contact Person

Prof Kyoji Sassa
Executive Director, International Consortium on Landslides


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