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National Strategy on Climate Change


Turkmenistan, country with economy in transition, attaches great importance to climate change. Fully aware of the importance and urgency of addressing climate change, and taking into account the sustainable economic development and environmental protection at the national and international level, Turkmenistan has taken measures to combat climate change in the context of the implementation of the National Strategy for Socio-Economic Development until 2030 and in combination with creation of resource-saving and environment-friendly society and innovation-oriented economy. Taking economic development as the main goal, Turkmenistan pays special attention to optimizing the structure of energy, protection and restoration of the environment and ecological systems. With the science development and new technologies, Turkmenistan seeks to limit greenhouse gas emissions and improve the country's capacity to respond to climate change.
National Strategy on Climate Change is a national vision on climate change and is the basis for the formation and implementation of state policy on issues related to climate change and its consequences.
Favorable political conditions and stability in the country, created after obtaining independence, have opened up broad prospects for economic and social development, cultural and spiritual renewal of the Turkmen society. Climate policy is to continue and strengthen the trend of economic growth in the country, serving as a catalyst for the modernization of all sectors of the economy, diversification and strengthening of the global market, as well as improving the competitiveness of Turkmenistan by improving the technology and energy efficiency and the integration of and response to climate change.
Realizing the complexity of the climate issues, the Strategy has been also providing a comprehensive national policy. The special attention of the Strategy is to identify and assess climate change threats on development and security, including the threats on economy, infrastructure, water, life and health of the population.


to ensure sustainable development of Turkmenistan, which will mitigate the impact on climate change, contribute to the economic and social growth of the country, as well as prepare the economy to the possible consequences of climate change, by increasing economic, food, water and environmental security


1. Transition to a complex and dynamic planning for sustainable development of the country and sectors of the economy in the future, taking into account climate change projections in the medium and long term.
2. Increase awareness and understanding of stakeholders on climate change and its impact on people's lives

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Reports of Intersectoral and Interdisciplinary Body of Ministries and State Departments


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Mr Hemra Amannazarov
First Secretary, Permanent Mission of Turkmenistan to the United Nations Office at Geneva


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