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L'Assainissement Biologique : Une solution globale, définitive, écologique, économique, biologique et productive The Biological Cleansing: A comprehensive solution, final, ecological, economic, biological and productive


Revalorization of Waste waters for a Productive Organic farming on farms in Africa Sénégal Cameroun Cote d'Ivoire Burkina Burundi Bénin Mali RCA Niger Mauritanie Congo Conakry Guinée RDC Sierra Léone Gabon Mayotte Inde Monténégro Kenya Ouganda etc

The Biological Cleansing (A.B) with its process “Pit Biological" lyseconcept is a revolution in the approach and the treatment of domestic waste waters.
It does not use any filtering device, it does not produce pas de residues of muds and the water of rejection at exit is used for immediate watering of the vegetable garden
It is a total and final biological concept biotechnological economic ecological.
Its performance épuratoire at exit of the process of 90% is supplemented by avegetalized discharge system which suits him to purify the ground of diffuse pollution carrying the whole with a performance of purification to more than 98%.
The concept is declined in the form of project:
- Individual cleansing of habitat
It CEBRE information system strategic plan of Biological Cleansing of urban area. it removes the sewage treatment plant and the infrastructure of the collecting system of the traditional collective cleansing.
It PORJECT waste waters for a farming
It Recycling project of water Banks food for a honorary reintegration in the work world
It Recycling project of water vegetalized Biodiversity Pushes back the flood and fights against the erosion of the grounds
The A.B has a teaching action of safeguarding of the environment


l'environnement, l'agriculture, les nappes phréatiques, les sols, les milieux hydrauliques naturels, l'atmosphère, l'alimentaire, l'humanitaire, l'agronomie, la biodiversité, le climat, la pollution, l'assainissement des eaux usées,

environment, agriculture, water tables, grounds, hydraulic mediums natural, atmosphere, the food one, the humanitarian, agronomy, the biodiversity, climate, pollution, the cleansing of waste waters,


la guerre de l'eau, le manque d'eau, le manque de nourriture, la pollution des sols des milieux hydrauliques naturels, le réchauffement climatique, la transformation des excréments en boue,

the war of water, lack of water, lack of food, the pollution of the grounds of the natural hydraulic mediums, climate warming, the transformation of the excrements into mud,

Means of verification

L'augmentation agronomique, l'augmentation de la production agricole, la diminution du nombres de personnes en mal de nourriture, l'amélioration de l'état général des milieux hydrauliques naturels, la diminution de l'acidification des océans, la réduction de la production mondiale de boue d'assainissement (40 millions de tonnes de boue d'excréments).

Agronomic increase, increase in the agricultural production, reduction in the numbers of people in evil of food, improvement of the general state of the natural hydraulic mediums, reduction in the acidification of the oceans, the reduction of the worldwide production of mud of cleansing (40 million tons of mud of excrements).


MARS 2015

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Mr Jean Marius D'Alexandris
Biological treatment clansing purification of waste waters, lyseconcept


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