Voluntary commitment

Statement of Voluntary Commitments of International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) Stakeholder Group for the 6th Asia Ministerial Conference for Disaster Risk Reduction, 22- 26 June 2014, Bangkok, Thailand


The IFRC will continue to invest in strengthening community resilience to natural and man-made disasters at the local level and ensure our programs bridge the gap between development and humanitarian work through sustainable, accountable and participatory approaches that integrate disaster risk reduction, public health, safe shelter, livelihoods and climate change adaptation strategies.

a) Support communities in high-risk areas to be organized and have the capacity to identify problems, establish priorities and act, in particular through the establishment of local early warning systems, in partnership with governments and other stakeholders.

b) Promote communities as the main stakeholders of resilience and the need to build on their
capabilities, knowledge and plans.

c) Promote and facilitate the participation of women, youth, children and people living with disability as leaders in local level resilience building activities and platforms through volunteer/community based networks

d) Advocate for greater official recognition, response and resource allocation to low-profile ‘silent disasters’ which affect the greatest numbers of people

e) Facilitate partnerships between community groups and local government, in order to monitor the
implementation of DRR laws and frameworks and accountability mechanisms.


- 20 Asian National Societies established long term resilience programs reaching at least 2 million people in Asia Pacific each year

· Increased resilience at community level through engagement of volunteers and local networks in resilience building through multi-sectoral, holistic community initiatives


- Quantifiable reports on reduced impact of seasonal disasters at community level, quantifiable increase of community based initiatives,

· Increase /decrease against baselines.

Means of verification

- Post-disaster assessments, regular national level reporting, case studies, publications,
periodic reporting in the ministerial and other DRR events,


Short- term by 2016; Medium term by 2018; Long term by 2020



Contact Person

Mr Jagan Chapagain
Director, Asia Pacific, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies


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