Voluntary commitment

Implementing the “MAMA-LIGHT Initiative for Sustainable Energy” in the UEMOA region: train 5000 women and young people in each of the 8 countries to sell, install and maintain solar equipment and to build a more resilient environment


Making the bottom of the pyramid more resilient

AbzeSolar S.A. together with CCT/UEMOA commits to support local authorities to become more resilient and to help bringing the informal sector to the formal sector with the implementation of the “Initiative MAMA-LIGHT® for Sustainable Energy” who has been recognized by the Dutch Government as an Inclusive Green Growth model community based bottom up approach.
The CEO of AbzeSolar S.A. H.R.H. Princess Abzeita DJIGMA is the member of UNISDR Private Sector Advisory Group representing Africa and the Energy focal point.

On of the core values of the “Initiative MAMA-LIGHT® for Sustainable Energy” for Africa and for others developing countries is that the action oriented solution enables the Member States to reach the bottom of the pyramid.

« Unsustainable patterns of energy production and consumption threaten not only human health and quality of life but also affect ecosystems and contribute to climate change. Sustainable energy, therefore, can be an engine for poverty reduction, social progress, equity, enhanced resilience, economic growth, and environmental sustainability.»

Initiative MAMA-LIGHT for Sustainable Energy is aligned with the SDG’s Agenda:

• Human centred: It enables people to become self supporting and it creates new opportunities enabling sustainable economic growth
• Environmental centred:
– Saving environment
– Lower CO2
– Saving lives by diminishing indoor air pollution (4,3 millions people dying every year due to that purpose)
– Training of trainers to support local authorities in the implementation of the DRR principles
• Creates jobs
• Shows the benefit/impact of involvement of women/youth entrepreneurs in the value chain of macro economy
• Build safe environment => social peace, less youth will try (have the need) to migrate
• Role model for the youth/and women in Africa and in other developing countries
• Reusable and repeatable


Together CCT-UEMOA and AbzeSolar S.A. commits to train in each country at least 5000 youth and women in total 40.000 professional people acting for 100 millions citizens to make them more resilient: Inclusive Green Growth based


People trained, track record with the MAMA-LIGHT® tool kit
- nr of people trained / country
- nr of households reached per product

Means of verification

Annual report of CCT/UEMOA to the Commission of UEMOA and to ECOSOC


By 2020 to complete the all program (every year will be a report to the relevant stakeholders)



Contact Person

Ms H.R.H. Princess Abzeita Djigma
CEO, AbzeSolar S.A.


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