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Strengthening Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) programs of 4-6 SDMAs and DDMAs, and enhancing linkages with state climate action plans through technical support


A baseline desk review study to take stock of the strengths, gaps and needs of State and District Disaster Management Authorities (SDMAs and DDMAs) in India has been initiated, to be followed by an in depth study of 6 SDMAs and 18 DDMAs. The VERVE Volunteers program, India affiliated with the MARS Practitioners Network in India, in partnership with relevant and interested organizations, will undertake the study and provide technical support (TS) to the strengthened implementation of Disaster Risk Prevention and Reduction programs of State DMAs (upto 2) and District DDMAs (upto 4 from the states selected in the program), based on their needs, for 12 -18 months during the initial 3 year period of implementation of HFA2 (2015-2017). Linkage of the State and District DM Plans with the Climate Action Plan of the state will be consciously promoted . Selection of states and districts will be based on needs identified and interest expressed by SDMAs and DDMAs on their need and expectations for technical support (TS) and their willingness to provide facilities and contribute to living expenses. Depending on additional resources mobilized, the coverage of the program will be increased. TS will be provided by placing one national volunteer (young professional or older volunteer professional) on part time or full time basis with each host organization (as per need), with the backstopping provided by a more experienced DRR/CCA professional mentor. The Program Overall coordination, volunteer training and support will be provided by an experienced national or regional volunteer member(s) of the MARS Practitioners Network. Some technical support for the running of the program will be sourced from global/regional volunteer management organizations.
VERVE (Volunteers Energised to Reduce Vulnerability Everywhere) Volunteers Program is an initiative of the MARS ( Mainstreaming Adaptation, Resilience and Sustainability into development and daily life) Practitioners Network.


Enhanced capacity to address disaster and climate risk reduction and prevention and implement priorities of HFA 2 developed in selected SDMAs and DDMAs

DCRPR volunteer program capacity strengthened within the country


At least 1 SDMA and 3 DDMAs are supported to strengthen implementation of their disaster risk reduction programs which is linked to the state Climate action plan

By end 2017 VERVE Volunteer program is run by Indian nationals

Means of verification

1. Baseline study
2. VERVE Volunteer Program annual reports
3. Documents of the SDMAs and DDMAs describing the progress of their disaster and climate risk reduction programs


3.5 years ( Jan 2015 – June 2018)

Contact Person

Mr Aloysius Rego
Technical Adviser ( Resilience and SDGs), Technical Adviser ( Resilience and SDGs)


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