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GEM Foundation’s commitment to understanding risk and increasing resilience to earthquakes


GEM (Global Earthquake Model) Foundation is committed to developing, communicating and facilitating the use of earthquake hazard and risk tools and information. In line with the post-2015 framework for DRR, in particular priority 1 on understanding risk, GEM is committed to:
• developing and applying science and technology to inform DRR;
• collaboratively developing open-source tools and open-access data, methods and risk information that are transparent, reproducible and credible
• working collaboratively through a public-private partnership, at global to local scales, to establish guidelines and standards and to develop capacity for understanding and reducing risks; and
• leveraging common ground across institutions to create a framework for developing, sharing and disseminating risk information


• to become the World’s official source for earthquake risk assessment resources, and thereby a globally accepted standard for earthquake risk assessment
• to ensure that GEM products find application in earthquake risk management worldwide


• The GEM OpenQuake earthquake risk analysis platform released in January 2015 has been used for earthquake hazard and risk assessments throughout the world.
• GEM’s associated databases, guidelines, and analysis tools are facilitating a wide range of risk assessments essential to managing earthquake risk in the public and private sectors.
• By 2018, GEM has produced a comprehensive publication on (the state of) earthquake risk worldwide, forming the basis for annual worldwide monitoring of earthquake risk.
• GEM has worked with partners at regional, national and local levels to train risk assessment professionals in the use of GEM’s earthquake risk assessment tools and data and has contributed to improved risk assessment capability of experts worldwide.

Means of verification

• Number and distribution of users accessing the OpenQuake Platform and collaborating with GEM Foundation and its partners.
• Quality and quantity of scientific/technical publications by developers and users of GEM products.
• Number and distribution of risk assessment studies performed using OpenQuake analysis software and associated tools and data.
• Evidence for use of GEM tools leading to risk reduction policy (e.g., new building codes) and risk reduction activity (e.g., building design/retrofit, insurance) across public and private sectors.


2015-2018, and beyond


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Contact Person

Ms Nicole Keller
Strategy & Partnerships, GEM Foundation


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