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Information and Communication for Effective DRR


The experience and lessons of the devastating Spitak earthquake in Armenia in 1988 demonstrated the critical importance of emergency information and communication. This learning experience and the global guidance of the HFA has inspired Armenia's Ministry of Emergency Situations to provide leadership around the theme Public Awareness as a Cornerstone for Disaster Risk Reduction

This stresses the critical importance of information generation, dissemination and use in the planning processes for effective disaster risk reduction, response and recovery in the post-2015 framework, The commitment involves establishing an International Working Group to drive forward the agenda of information and communication for effective disaster risk reduction, to identify priority areas for action in the sphere of disaster risk information such as easy-to-understand media communication, risk assessments, risk analysis, mapping, and national disaster risk reduction information and data sharing, role of the private sector and other stakeholders, inclusive sensitive information, knowledge management and dissemination of information.

Other steps will include establishing an Emergency Channel international association; linking good practices on disaster risk reduction information sharing to education institutions; promoting disaster risk reduction in curricula and other forms, such as competitions in education institutions, whether early childhood learning centers, schools, universities or postgraduate institutions; developing measures, examples and case studies to diversify disaster risk reduction information to the public; developing extension certificate courses on disaster risk reduction and general capacity building among practitioners in-country; encouraging the media to be actively engaged in disaster risk reduction education and information-sharing through dedicated training resource centers for journalists; promoting strengthened disaster risk reduction information management capacity among government emergency ministries and departments; inviting governments and international organizations to develop information plans and to hold crisis communication exercises; encourage governments to organize national public awareness campaigns at least annually; encourage the development of public awareness indicators aligning with national reporting in the post-2015 framework for disaster risk reduction, using the experience of public awareness indicators from pilot countries, including Armenia; invite governments and other stakeholders to strengthen partnerships to implement information and communication for effective disaster risk reduction and to ensure common approaches.


The Government of Armenia, in coordination with UNISDR, will develop a concept paper with Terms of Reference by 1 March 2015 to be shared at the Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction, consisting of the Terms of Reference and an operational work plan for an International Working Group.



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Mr Nikolay Grigoryan
Deputy Head of Rescue Service, Ministry of Emergency Situations


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