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Mainstream DRR into sectoral development planning and implementation process at national to local level


Nepal observes regularly largest amount of destruction from flood and landslide. In terms of human loss, Epidemic ranks first as the most destructive catastrophes. Flood and landslide wipe out properties and infrastructures along with human life. Since three years, death from lightning and thunderstorm has also been examined. Along with these, cold wave results in devastation of large amount of cash crops every year and creates threat to those who cannot afford warm clothes and shelter in the Terai region.

Though the entire country is highly prone to Earthquake, its catastrophe has not been observed since long. Earthquakes observed in 1935, 1988 and 1993 stood as the most devastating. The survey conducted in 2004 jointly by Ministry of Home Affair, Nepal and JAICA has concluded that If earthquake with the magnitude of 1935 hits Nepal, the country and especially Kathmandu will suffer from large amount loss of human life and property.

In this connection, government of Nepal is preparing the mainstream guideline through National Planning Commission. DRR stakeholders working in Nepal have key interest to mainstream DRR into development planning process by the government and develop a framework for cumulative action linking with CCA and livelihood of the community people.
In this line, the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development endorse DM planning guideline for local authorities and Ministry of Education is developing Safe School Policy.

ECO-Nepal, the NGO working on disaster management since last 2000, is provided technical support to development of the DM guidelines and mapping the area, process and methods of DRR into development planning to the concern agencies in Nepal.
ECO-Nepal would like to explore the best option of mainstream and learn from global forum further technique, process and methods.


Key target is to explore the achievement of Nepal in mainstream DRR and learn from global context, technique and methods.


Develop Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan 75 districts, Local Disaster Risk management Plan at 635 VDCs and 12 District Disaster Management Plan.

Different level workshop on mainstream DRR into development planning and implementation process has been organized by National Planning Commission through the facilitation of ECO-Nepal and recommend has been included in 3 year Plan (2013-15).

Means of verification

1. Guidelines (LDRMP, DDMP, DPRP)
2. local disaster risk management plans
3. District Disaster Management Plans
4. Workshop Reports
5. Three year National Plan (2013-2015)


From 2012 onward


Policy document:

Contact Person

Mr Ram Chandra Neupane
DRR Professional, Environment and Child Concern Organization-Nepal (ECO-Nepal)


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