Voluntary commitment

Telling stories to spark positive change


We will use innovative communications to help the humanitarian sector spark positive change.

We will be working with diverse humanitarian sector actors: government, international and local NGOs, civil society, media, academia and local communities.

We will bring out hidden, under-the-radar stories and silent disasters.

We will document stories and evaluate challenges and successes, helping organisations institutionalise learning and promote cross-learning.

Finally, we will simplify concepts to be easily understood to aid public awareness and help integrate core issues into policy.

While this commitment is listed under goal 3, it cuts across all three of the goals and will be reflective of that.


1. Unheard voices brought out in major disasters; prominent hotspots; and representative silent disasters
2. Working with diverse stakeholders
3.Stories of challenges and successes
4.Simplifying of concepts to be easily understood and integrated into policy


1, 3 &4. Documentation, campaign outputs and outreach materials
2. Partnerships

Means of verification

1, 3 & 4. Print and electronic products, evidence of outreach and testimonials
2. Agreements or collaborative outputs


January 2015 to December 2020



Contact Person

Ms Meghna Chawla
Head, Saferworld Communications


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