Voluntary commitment

A portal for the distillation and dissemination of environmental data.


Potential suppliers and users of environmental data have already recognised the potential of an e-commerce portal to find a market for data and a providers for its users have indicated a need for some central portal for data with a particular focus on the environment. A key current user community for this area is the Insurance and Reinsurance business community who with the need to understand catastrophic risk in particular are key potential users. Through the Oasis Loss Modelling Framework, a not for profit Catastrophe Modelling community, a global community of suppliers and users provides a ready-made user group.
While this sector is leading the detailed analysis of demand, many other sectors obviously also have a need for environmental data. These include central and local government, development agencies, the banking sector, corporate risk managers and, indeed, the general public.
Business Proposition
Oasis Loss Modelling Framework is seeking partners to build and develop an e-commerce platform that has the commercial and scalable characteristics of successful portals in this space. Like Amazon or e-Bay and Google it needs to be able to allow for the searching of data, models and information, to be able to display characteristics of that data, to provide user feedback and to be able to offer variable ways to purchase and license data and models, assuming much of the most valuable data will be free.


To understand the legal requirements of licensing data on a global basis
To design and pilot software for the portal
To build a community of users and suppliers


The number of potential users and suppliers who sign up will be indicative of the the value in time

Means of verification

Number of datasets available
Number of users who express an interest
Value of the data to end users


From May 2015 to May 2017

Contact Person

Mr Dickie Whitaker
Chief Executive, Oasis Loss Modelling Framework


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