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Putting disaster risk reduction within reach of women, girls, persons with disability and older people who form more than half of the population of the world - Saritsa Foundation India Way !!


Disaster Risk Reduction has to be made in rich of vulnerable group of women, girls, persons with disability with identified sensitivity and conscious of communities and governments with their ethical accountability. The concern needs inclusiveness in respect of these groups. No longer these groups have to remain on periphery how Disaster Risk Reduction, but they have to be made center and nucleolus of future vision for Disaster Risk Reduction. It needs enhanced attention by the families, communities and governments. How to make this enhanced attention possible? How to sustain this enhanced attention?
It will only happened in disaster risk reduction reaches to those who rather find ways to protect themselves and their livelihood by capacity building for prevention, mitigation and preparedness. There are lot of people where we need to reach them. Saritsa Foundation has advocates and practices to provide equal opportunities to women, girls, persons with disability and older citizens where they have been provided access to knowledge and training along with other groups of community. This has been possible by envisaging partnership with local governments, social and religious organizations and communities. A positive act of this kind has revolutionary freshness in its innovations.
Saritsa Foundation has been able to reach to most disadvantaged women, girls, persons with disabilities and senior citizens in past 15 years. Its strengthens the very vital approach of Hyogo Framework Actions (UNISDR). Saritsa Foundation will continue to reach to these groups of community as it is considered and important dimension of future. 3 video links are added.
1) Saritsa conducted workshop for Kudal Taluka, Sindhudurg 11-13 March 2013.
Link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsHmUHeTJPQ
2) Saritsa Foundation Conducted Workshop for Blind Women's 27-01-2014.
Link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2aR09bcHlJs
3) Saritsa Prepares Seniors of Krishna Vridhashram, Gandhinagar, Gujarat on 11th Oct 2014.
Link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnM-owkLbiM&feature=youtu.be


Saritsa Foundation envisages to empower 5000 women, girls, persons with disability and older people annually for next 10 years.


The secret of Saritsa Foundations campaign lies in making people to think fast with ingenuity and responding with developed skills. Participants are told that they have to be committed to learn. No one teaches these survival skills in school, college or other forums, the way ‘Saritsa does it.’ What make a difference is that with this education participants learn dynamics, self protection and survival skills. The participants develop following traits:
1) Optimism – We can do it!
2) Team work – We are together to protect ourselves and our people.
3) Initiative – Timely mind mapping of action plans with survival skills.
4) Resourcefulness to use local resources – Innovative use of local resources.
5) Determination – We have effective skills to save lives.
6) Confidence and finding strength in themselves – We are strong enough to take local action to protect.
7) The preparedness education will bring best into the participants to find their own strength.

Means of verification

The impact is quantifiable when participants respond in live scenario assessment with skills, confidence and courage. It also strengthens them to use local resources with innovation. They become natural leaders of their family and communities to lead in such crisis's.


From March 2015 to March 2025


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Contact Person

Dr Colonel Nagar M Verma
Director General, Saritsa Foundation (Saritsa Charity Trust)


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