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A PPP platform for risk data sharing and participative governance: the French National Observatory for Natural Risks (ONRN)


In spite of existing disaster risk reduction policies which date back to at least 1982, France still experiences disasters. After storm surge and windstorm Xynthia and Var area floods (2010), the country numbered 80 fatalities and 4 billion economic losses.
In line with HFA Objective 4, a public private partnership arrangement was proposed, creating a facility for risk data collection and sharing among stakeholders and territories. In May 2012, this led three main stakeholders to create a dedicated platform, which was named ONRN: French State, represented by its ministry in charge of DRR policies, CCR and MRN, respectively the State reinsurer and a direct insurance community representative.
ONRN platform provides “a place where various stakeholders can find information on natural risks and indicators towards reducing vulnerability”. This achievement is consistent with the international trend to allow that “relevant information is available and accessible at all level, to all stakeholders, through networks, development of information sharing systems”
Indeed, ONRN portal website gives already access to the relevant data released by more than 100 institutions, including regional observatories.
As a specific added value, ONRN platform gives open access to 26 core indicators on exposure, losses and situation of prevention policies, derived from the databases of the founding partners. Most of the indicators reach the municipal scale.
Relying on both contributions its institutions networking and the specific indicators, ONRN allows local stakeholders gaining access to information on damage costs and risk assessment at the local scale.
For instance, it becomes possible to crisscross information at any territorial grid such as: amount of populations living on flood-prone areas, cumulated insured losses from floods experienced during the last 15 years, and coverage of risk prevention tools such as land use planning regulations (PPRI) or risk reduction projects at risk basin level (PAPI).


Risk and loss data sharing
Public private partnership
Participative governance and support to decision making


Number of specfic indicators provided by ONRN
Number of partners (regional observatories and thematic) to join the project
Number of different participants to ONRN End Users Committee

Means of verification

Effective display of indicator on ONRN website (downloadable on open data basis, with meta data)
Number of partnership new agreements signed
Registration of individual end users in the ONRN end users data base, run by the French national DRR platform (AFPCN)


From mid 2014 to mid 2017 (duration of second ONRN Agreement)


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Chief Executive Officer, Mission Risques Naturels


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