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Planet@Risk "Sharing practical know-how for improved risk management" eJournal


GRF Davos’ e-journal Planet@Risk serves as a means for assessing ‘grey literature’, scientific reports, case studies, book reviews and working papers. By swiftly collecting and pooling these different types of literature, the documents are easily findable, accessible and citable as part of an interdisciplinary knowledge pool for the risk reduction and disaster management communities.

Planet@Risk contributes to bridging the gaps between science, practice, and different sectors of academia. It fosters a multidisciplinary approach and presents the results of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research with a special emphasis on their application to practical problems. Information from data and reports which has been difficult or impossible to access, and whose quality has perhaps been hard to judge, can finally be put to use.

GRF Davos’ innovative e-journal aims to support the establishment of a worldwide risk community, committed to sharing know-how and expertise by a constant process of dialogue – a crucial but still insufficiently implemented element of a truly integrative approach to risk reduction and disaster management.

Planet@Risk provides:
inter-sectorial and inter-disciplinary information on environmental, economic, geopolitical, societal and technological risks and disasters
theories, methods and tools for analysing, modelling and addressing these risks and disasters
measures for integrative risk and disaster management


- bridging the gaps between science, practice, and different sectors of academia
- foster a multidisciplinary approach
- presenting inter and transdisciplinary research


- establishment of a worldwide risk community
- shared know how and expertise
- dialogue amongst publishers, reviewers and readers

Means of verification

- Papers submitted
- Papers published
- Journal read, downloaded and cited





Contact Person

Dr Walter J. Ammann
President / CEO, Global Risk Forum GRF Davos


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