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Community based DRR approach to nuclear emergencies


Japan CSO Coalition for 2015WCDRR (JCC2015) is a network comprised of more than 100 organizations in Japan which aims to convey lessons learnt from triple disasters in Japan in March 2011. JCC2015 has undertaken rigorous stakeholder consultation on lessons from nuclear emergency in Fukushima, and these lessons have been translated into actionable recommendations, which are formed into a tool kit to reduce similar disaster risks in the future.


At least 10 countries with nuclear power plants receive the tool in their own language for future risk reduction from nuclear emergencies.


# of translated tools developed
# of agencies/authorities who become part of the movement
# of practical initiatives undertaken to reduce risks from future nuclear disasters

Means of verification

Actual tools developed
MoUs, LoU with interested agencies/authorities
Reports from each practical initiatives


March 2015 to March 2017



Contact Person

Mr Takeshi Komino
General Secretary / Secretariat, CWS Japan / Japan CSO Coalition for 2015WCDRR


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