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Contribution to establishing the research and scientific platforms for the development and implementation of innovative solutions in the field of disaster risk reduction, and to foster public partnerships.


Today, when a human intervene actively in natural processes, when the scale of industrial production is augmenting, the humanity is confronted increasingly with the risk of natural and man-made disasters. People die, national and world heritage, cultural religious and historical values are being destroyed.
In order to build resilience against disasters, we need to make use of all available resources, including science and innovation. We need to establish the research and scientific platforms for the development and implementation of innovative solutions in the field of disaster risk reduction, we need to create conditions for cooperation between government authorities, business, citizens and the scientific community in order to find innovative ways of risk management and climate change adaptation, methods and approaches of collaboration with civil society, as well as for development of technical and software solutions for the emergencies prevention and elimination.
Belarus pays great attention to scientific research and innovation. As part of the National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction, research organizations, industry, national and local authorities, private sector and civil society organizations are working together to achieve common goals. In fact, disaster prevention, preparedness and response are one of the priority areas of scientific-technical activities in Belarus.
One of the main focus areas of our research are modern scientific and technological products and adoption of normative-technical documents based on complete and reliable scientifically grounded and experimentally verified information.
The main directions in this area are:
development of an integrated software for information and analytical support for crisis and emergencies agencies, and for management information systems of the National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction;
development of engineering software, tools and techniques for risk monitoring and forecasting;
development of special equipment and experimentally grounded technologies for search and rescue operations;
development of tools and technologies for disasters prevention, modern equipment for testing products and materials according to safety requirements, regulatory, legal and methodological framework on disaster risk management;
development of technologies to improve specialists and public training on disaster risk reduction.
The Republic of Belarus has own scientific-technical products, which have been successfully used both domestically and abroad on all directions mentioned.


Development of the scientific and research activities in field of DRR.
Support scientific and research organizations in Belarus and cooperation with them.
Development of international cooperation with foreign countries and organizations on implementation of
DRR innovative solutions.
Encouraging the public participation in DRR activities.


Development and using innovative solutions for DRR purposes.
Implementation of joint research projects.
Foundation of research and scientific platforms.
Development of international cooperation.
Using scientific and research products for public education and protection against risks.

Means of verification

Documents, reports, outcomes from events.



Contact Person

Mr Evgeny Baranovsky
Principal specialist of the ICD - NP and HFA implementation technical FP, Ministry for Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus


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