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Council Conclusions on needs of persons with disabilities throughout disaster management cycle


Latvia as a next Presidency (EU) on January 12-13, 2015 will organize the workshop on “The needs of persons with disabilities throughout disaster management cycle” with the aim to find the gaps between the needs of persons with disabilities and the disaster management cycle, to collect the best practices in this area, and to have a look on this issue from the perspective of new technologies and innovative solutions.

The outcome of the workshop will be included in the Council Conclusions on the Needs of Persons with Disabilities throughout Disaster Management Cycle. The main aim is to reach an agreement on these Council Conclusions (between EU member states) before the third UN World Conference on the Disaster Risk Reduction that will be held in Japan, Sendai in the first semester of 2015 as the ideas of the Conclusions goes hand in hand with the actions that will be carry out in post- Hyogo framework for actions (2015).


To give the input to Post - Hyogo Framework for Actions (2015).


Does not apply.

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In the best scenario - until the middle of March, 2015.

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Mrs Anete Valaine-Elsone
EU Division, Legal Adviser, Ministry of the Interior


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