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French commitments


France, chair of the EFDRR in 2015, will propose to strengthen the European plateform and intensify the exchange of experiences, lessons and good practices between its members.

France will thus continue and develop its involvement in peer review process in the European context.

France will promote a continuous improvement approach in sustainable disaster risk management based on its seven pillars: assessment, awareness, forecast, spatial planning, reduction of vulnerability, crisis management and feedback.

In 2015 France will be both chair of the EFDRR and of the UNFCC COP 21. France will therefore work on strengthening the link between the three key 2015 agenda items, namely disaster risk reduction, sustainable development and climate change.

We also embrace the important topic of cultural heritage and its preservation regarding its disaster risk exposure.

France will continue to promote the use of science and technology in disaster risk assessment and forecast system considering both natural and technological risk management.

Finally France will help strengthening local disaster risk reduction governance and the involvement of all stakeholders.


1. Strengthening of the European plateform.
2. Reducing the vulnerability of the cultural heritage to disaster risk


1. Number of exchanges between counrty throught the plateform
2. Number of actions to preserve the cultural heritage

Means of verification

1. Review by the UNISDR
2. Review by the UNISDR


From March 2015 to March 2020

Contact Person

Mr Mathieu MOREL
Floods Risk Officer, French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy


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