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Safe schools leaders called for worldwide initiative for safe schools by Turkey


The first meeting of Safe School Leaders in Istanbul, Turkey, organized by the Government of Turkey in cooperation with UNISDR in 30-31 October 2014. As a result of the meeting Turkey has officially initated to start "World Wide Initiative of School Safety" and called for political commitments to safer schools. By this initiative Governments are encouraged to formally announce their potential and financial commitments to safe schools at the World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in Sendai, Japan.


Safe School Leaders are expected to make safe schools a priority as part of their national planning and implementation agenda, including disaster risk reduction policies being integrated into school safety and national education plans.


the indicators are determined in "The Roadmap from İstanbul to Sendai and beyond". Istanbul Roadmap is the main document of the World Wıde Initiative for Safe Schools which clearly describes the "global objectives and goals", "standart indicators", "continuious sharing of good practices", "national targets based on respective situations", "cohesive support from development partbers".

Means of verification

as a result of collapsed schools from natural calamities and disasters, children and teachers are killed, accounting for a significant proportion of total disaster moratlity. Thousands of damaged schools in each year in smaller scale disasters, interrupt education and causes the loss of education staff and hard earned development gains. the decrease in these numbers will verified the success of this initiative.


From March 2015 to beyond

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Head of Strafegy Development Department (Coordinator of Foreign Relations, Turkish Republic Prime Ministrey Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD)


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