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Serbian commitment to DRR


Serbia commits to the integration of disaster risk reduction into development policies and plans. In this regard, Serbia commits to develop policy, legislative and institutional frameworks for disaster risk reduction, which are capable of monitoring progress on the basis of specific and measurable indicators. We will ensure adequate identification of risks, more effective action to reduce consequences of disasters as well as emergency response.


Targets include National Platform for DRR of the Republic of Serbia and all relevant stakeholders, ministries, agencies, and other governmental and nongovernmental organizations .


Political understanding and support are the key factors needed for the permanent improvement of protection and rescue system and implementation of DRR measures at all levels and in all segments of society. Indicators will include achieved overall social consensus that includes both the integration of DRR into development policies and plans, and provision of resources (human and financial) required for implementation of these plans and programmes and the establishment of an integrated protection and rescue system.

Means of verification

Verification will include that the DRR policy will be generally accepted by all stakeholders; with implemented National strategy for disaster risk reduction and protection and rescue in emergency and developed National Risk Assessment and National Protection and Rescue Plans.


from March 2015 to March 2025



Contact Person

Mr Ivan Baras
Assistant Head of Sector for Emergency Management, National HFA Focal Point,, Sector for Emergency Management Ministry of Interior Republic of Serbia


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