Voluntary commitment

Raising DRR awareness through faith-based organisations


‘’In line with the strategic priority we accord to community resilience, the ACT Alliance will use the extraordinary reach and trust of its network of faith-based and church-based organizations to raise disaster risk reduction awareness at grassroots level, including in hard-to-reach locations, by influencing local leadership and educating community members, including through the deployment of church volunteers.’’


At least 30 examples of grassroots-level Disaster Risk Reduction awareness-raising activities by ACT Alliance faith-based and church-based member organisations


Number of examples cited by ACT country-level Forums of:
(i) influencing local leadership to accord greater priority to community resilience and DRR
(ii) educating community members about community resilience and DRR, and
(iii) deploying church volunteers to promote community resilience and DRR awareness

Means of verification

The ACT Alliance Humanitarian Policy and Practice Advisory group will undertake a survey of ACT country-level forums to gather information about progress on a country-by-country basis


March 2015 through October 2018

Contact Person

Mr Michael Mosselmans
Head of Humanitarian Policy Practice and Advocacy and Programmes in Latin America and the Caribbean, Christian Aid, ACT Alliance


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